Grief and Loss Resilience

I work with self-employed women, over 45, who have experienced the devastation of loss and grief.

I work with you to grow your brain health, mental fitness and peace of mind so that you can find your ease, calm and flow as you move forward WITH your grief and loss.

I believe that to think that you must ‘get over your grief and move on’, is what sticks you in the stress and anxiety of it. 

Dear You

 Brain Health – More and more research is showing that the one organ of the body we tend to overlook when it comes to feeding it what it requires is the brain. Your grieving brain may require different foods and supplements than you would normally eat. Simple changes may give your brain the boost it requires right now.

 Brain Stress – it’s a thing. Traumatic events can encode the experiences as stress and anxiety in your brain which is then felt by the whole of your body. Encoding is when stress molecules literally get stuck on the neurons of your brain creating repetitive negative memories and lack of peace of mind.

 Brain Saboteurs – We all have them. those nagging thoughts that prevent you from thinking clearly and with focus. Loss and grief can really fire up those saboteur thoughts of blame, shame, anger, regret and guilt. With mental fitness tools it is possible to regain your ease, your calm and your flow as you uncover the gift in the grief your are experiencing.