Surviving Grief & Trauma as an Introvert

As you move forward with your grief and loss learn how to go from surviving to thriving,

from stressed to peace-of-mind and from mental exhaustion to mental fitness.

Melt your stress and build your resilience from the loss and adversity you are experiencing, on purpose.

Learn to move forward with your grief, your loss and adversity calmly and gently at a pace that works for you.

You are not alone. You are not insane. You are grieving and this can be painful, stressful and overwhelming.

Grief and loss can feel like a scary place to be. If you identify as an introvert it’s important that you choose grief support coaching that aligns with your values and quiet temperament.

You carry your grief and losses, both death and non-death,

as you move forward in ways that are unique to you, your introverted nature and your life

You’re not crazy – no matter what your brain is saying to you. Your brain is being a brain, and even though this may sound even crazier, your brain believes it is keeping you safe.By deepening your understanding of your brain, in particular your grieving brain, it is possible to lessen your struggle by – 

1. Strengthening your mental fitness
2. Nourishing your brain health
3. Enhancing your peace-of-mind

With self care practices that harness your brain’s neuroplasticity and builds your inner resilience and empowerment you can learn to navigate this weird and overwhelming time as you navigate your way with grief and loss. 

You need someone on your side, someone who gets you and your more introverted nature during your time of loss and the confusion and sadness that grief can bring.

Hi there. I’m Denise an introvert who has experienced grief and loss many times in my life. Grief is shocking, overwhelming and disorientating. The sense of loss and pain can feel all consuming.

Without support you can become a victim to the painful feelings experiencing stress and anxiety as a result.

Grief can be experienced when you loose your loved ones, your pets and things or situations. Any one, or a combination of these, can erode your self confidence and as an introvert your willingness to be in the company of others.

Remember to get the support you need that supports you as you move forward with your grief and loss.