You’re here.

Dear You,

Welcome to February and welcome to this week’s blog.

I’m wondering, what are you aware of right now?

What are the changes in the energy of the planet that you’re aware of right now?

I know. I get it. Some days it’s like, yes I am so ready for today, and then there are other days that we just want to get back under the covers. This used to be me too.

I’m wondering what you have heard and now believe to be true for you? If you are a sensitive being on this planet then you are going to pick up on other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions and believe them to be yours.

Consider this. We are told that it’s more common at this time of year to be depressed. To be down. To be unhappy.  What do we often hear people say at this time of the year about the weather? “It’s a miserable day today,” when they look out of the window and the sky is the colour of grey and it’s raining. Is the weather depressed or is the weather being the weather? I’ve heard weather reporters describe the weather as miserable. I wonder if you recognise that by saying the weather is miserable that you then have to be that too?

Conversely, do we ever hear people say, “It’s a cheerful day today,” when they look out of the window and the sky is blue and the sun is shining? Again, is the weather happy or is the weather the weather? And somehow, we take on board negativity so much more easily that we never fully choose cheerfulness and happiness. The most positive thing I can recall anyone saying about the weather when it’s bright is “Turned out nice” and occasionally “Turned out nice again” Never, “What a grand and glorious day it is” unless you know me and then this is now the thing I say.

What if it didn’t have to be an either or universe? What if you get to be you whatever that looks like, sounds like and is like? For me I knew that somewhere I was a joy filled being. Somewhere there still flickered a flame of happiness. I went in search of that thing that would ignite that flame and I got to be ease, joy and glory when I used the tools of Access Consciousness®.

For you it maybe something else. It maybe yoga. It maybe knitting, one of my all-time favourite and ease filled pastimes. This may be your worst nightmare and you prefer to be outdoors regardless of whether the weather is said to be miserable or happy. How are you in any given moment? What do you know about you that you’re denying you know?

Are you ready for today regardless of the ‘mood’ that you pick up on?

My intention is to show up in all my ease, joy and glory. How about you?

With ease, joy, glory, smiles and contributions,

Denise x

PS – Next week’s blog – Problems!

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