Dear Possibility Playmates

One of my aims for this lockdown/restriction period was to populate my Youtube channel with videos of several things that I have filmed and to have this done by September.
I have done this with four days to go. Wooohoooooo! What else is possible now I wonder?

The image of what my channel looks like right now is at the top.


The first set of videos is all of the April recordings I did of me talking about the tools, techniques, and the benefits of them, of Access Consciousness. There are 30 days of them ranging from 5 minute ones to much longer ones. the idea being is that you go take a look and choose depending on the one that calls to you the most. You may find that you go back to the same one again and again because there’s a specific pull towards this or you may wish to choose a different one each day working your way through and getting to know more about Access Consciousness in the process.

The second set of videos are each less than 60 seconds long. Why is this? because this is a set of videos all of which say the same thing. The thing that is said is this, ‘All of Life comes to me with ease and joy and glory®’. This is the mantra of Access Consciousness and in a later blog I will write more about his mantra. Each of the 60 second videos has been recorded in a different location here in Chester, again during these weird and wacky times. You will see that the weather is different in each and the background noise is also different in each. The mantra is repeated 10 times in each video and thee are 31 videos in all. If you listen to the all of them it will take you just over 30 minutes and you will have repeated the mantra over 300 times in 30 minutes. How does it get any better than this?

Finally I have worked out how to create my radio show ‘Empowerment Hour’ as an Mp4 format using the wonderful tool that is iMovie and my daughters laptop, mine being too old to have this app. I have converted 20 of the shows to this format. all of these shows have been recorded using the Zoom platform and all have been recorded during lockdown and the restriction periods. Now knowing how to do this these shows will be added to as I go along.

I would like to ask one thing of you in return for taking a look and listening to these shows and videos and that one thing is, is that you subscribe to my channel.

I ask this for a specific purpose. I have had this channel for several years now and it started out as DONutrition (DO – Denise Oliver) when I was primarily a nutritional therapist. I can’t change this name until I have 100 subscribers. I have a way to go to get these. Would you be willing to assist me in getting to the 100 subscribers mark? I would appreciate this immensely.

To save you the trouble of searching for this Youtube channel here is a link where you can click through and press subscribe …

With immense gratitude for all you be playmates.
Denise x