Remember to get the support you need that supports you as you move forward with your grief and loss.

You know that you want to move forward with your grief

and yet you haven’t found a way for your

introverted nature to express the challenges

you are facing on a day to day basis.


I don’t know about you

but I didn’t come with a

comprehensive manual

for dealing with the

losses and traumas

that I have experienced

in my life time.

I get it …

. You’re trying to figure out this thing called grief.
. You’re overwhelmed by well meaning friends and family offering unsolicited advice. ‘Big girls  don’t cry.’ ‘Isn’t it time for you to move on now?’
. You just want someone to listen to you quietly, calmly and with kindness so that you get to express this thing that is haunting you and hurting you.
.You don’t know which way to turn because you are experiencing the worst brain fog ever.
.You smile and friends and family think you’re ‘fine’ and coping and they check out.


And so much more.


True story:

It is possible to build your resilience with grief,
move forward with your grief in your unique and introverted way
and enjoy your life once more.

In my many years of being an introverted woman on this planet I have spent my time being quietly curious about this thing we call life and as a result I have stacked many skills that I put to use during our sessions together.

In your lifetime you have stacked many skills also.

We can call on these skills and traits in your sessions, as we build your resilience and empowerment together. 

Speaking of Sessions … Are we right for each other?

1. Exploration Call.
Your first session with me is all about you. You are my focus.
What is it that is causing your stress, worry and overwhelm and what is it that you desire to change about this?

I also work on the first session as being free of charge, whether in person or via Zoom, so that we can establish if we can work together. This session is approximately 40 minutes in length so that neither of us, as introverts, ends up energy depleted.

For this introductory session to be all about you in advance of this time I will send you an introduction to me that you can read before our call.

Before you make any monetary investment and in order to respect your time and energy this introductory session will help us both establish if we are a good fit for each other.

That I can help you in the long run and that you can commit to doing your self-care homework. is important to establish.

Unfortunately coaching is rarely a one-and-done session and that leads me to …

Building your resilience together

2. Individual Session – £85

It is possible to get relief from many of your stresses and worries in one session if you know what that certain something is that you need help with.
This one session may bring you great relief, and yet this may not result in building your inner resilience.

3. Three sessions – £225

However I have found that with grief and loss the trauma of the loss may often take longer to shift.
What ever your grief has been created by may require a gentle curiosity as we unearth the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are overwhelming you and filling your stress barrel to overflowing.

4. Five sessions – £325

By choosing this package of sessions now we can not only unearth the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are creating your overwhelm and stress we can move towards your safe place, your inner haven of calm and ease and build your resilience and inner empowerment so that you can move forward with your grief knowing that you are on purpose.

 Depending on your unique experiences of life these will have an influence on your journey with your loss, adversity and grief.

I would like you to know that I genuinely love working with women who are ready to face their adversities, no matter how difficult that feels in the moment and realise that they are stronger than they have ever acknowledged.