I was listening to my thoughts the other day and I followed them on a trail of wondering about the energy of crystals. Crystals are gorgeous in my mind. So many colours. So much sparkle. The energy that they be. Whether they are rose quartz or are diamonds, they are unapologetically them and each is aware of their value and what they be.  

My thoughts took me on a journey of wondering if you have ever considered that you are a gem of a being here on this planet? That there are things that are unique, valuable, beautiful and to be treasured about you?  

As a gem, how would you describe you?  

For me I would say that it’s the kindness I carry in my heart, the ease that percolates through my body and the gratitude that sparkles in every cell of my body and being for everything that I am choosing to step into as well as ALL that I be and am choosing.  

So, why not step the foook-up and be the gem that you truly be and sparkle for all to see?  

What if you showed us your gem-like, sparkly self, not just at Christmas, but all year round? 

What lightness and fun would your gem-like self  bring to the world? 


With peace and kindness to one and all this Christmas.

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