Dear You

What does empowerment mean to you?

This is how I see it …

Give a woman a dress and she can wear it till it wears out. Give a woman a sewing machine
and she can make all the dresses she desires. Ok, so it was a man and a fish originally but for
this blog I’m about the women.

What do I mean with the dress and the sewing machine? The dress represents a limited
choice. By having a sewing machine a world of possibilities opens up. Not only the choice to
clothe herself but also she could make and clothe others. Suddenly a whole new world of
possibilities are available.

As women we have had the Women’s Emancipation movement. Many women fought to get
the vote. To have an equal footing as men in one area of their life.

Next came Women’s Liberation movement where women battled to move forward the work
already started by the emancipators. Women demanding equal rates of pay with men. This
may have begun in the 1960s and it’s still relevant today.

Now what of Empowerment? My point of view is that this is an inside job. You get to be as
kick-ass as you choose to be. Empowerment for me has happened quietly and subtly. I
haven’t been anywhere banner waving and demanding of anyone else. I have instead
demanded of me to acknowledge the power house I am meant to be.

Me – Power – Meant is almost EmPowerMent.

You will choose what you will choose. Whether you choose the metaphoric dress or the
metaphoric sewing machine with which to make more than one dress it’s still a choice.

So once again Dear You I ask you, “What does Empowerment mean to you?”
There is no right or wrong answer to this I merely wish to get you considering that there
maybe a power and a potency to you that you have yet to acknowledge and step into.

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With ease and calm

Denise xxx

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