For too many years I tried to please others. First my mum, then my teachers, then nurse colleagues, then my husband and many more. 

All I was becoming was less of me with burning resentment that was turning me to ash – a burnt out hollow shell with a deep desire to change and not knowing  how to do this. 

As I began to explore more and more of complementary and alternative therapies I recognised that I wasn’t totally burnt out. There were sparks there that just needed the right tools to fan those sparks into flames. Flames of ease, joy, calm and nurturing for me as it turns out. 

What I eventually came to realise was that I constantly looked for the change I desired outside of me, at external sources. Now while there was truth in seeking the tools outside of me, because I sure as heck hadn’t been born with them, I could keep on buying the latest therapy and coaching but if I didn’t apply what I was learning absolutely nothing changed. If I didn’t implement with determination the things that were suggested I would never live an extraordinary life. 

So I ask you, if you know that you desire an extraordinary life and you are willing to do what it takes, have faith in you, choose for you, destroy old patterns, in a no-nonsense, no frills way and transform your life, would you choose this? 

If you are ready to take action, and you  are looking for the tools to facilitate this action then put this date in your diary – October 1st, 2021. On this date the first ever Deva Empowerment, ‘The No-Nonsense Transformation Club’ opens its doors and you could be there  right from the beginning, investing in you and the tools you require to change any area of your life. The inaugural monthly price will never be repeated.  

Ask yourself this, “When is enough going to be enough?”  

What do I mean by this? When will you be broken enough or like me, burnt out enough, to desperately seek that something different that you know is possible?  

I believe that some of the biggest changes can occur when we come together with others who are on a similar quest for change as we are. The energy from the group will fan the sparks into flames faster than we can do this on our own. 

So, what do you want? To continue on the path that you’re on until you hit rock bottom or are you ready for some no-nonsense transformation and empowerment tools, encouragement and support? 

With gratitude

Denise @ Deva Empowerment

PS Get in touch to find out more and join!