“We have 60,000 thoughts a day- over 90% are exactly the same as yesterday and the day before” – Deepak Chopra, Neuroendocrinologist

When we have our thoughts where do we put them?

In the past, the present or the future?

If you spend your time living in the past or the future guess where your energy is going?

Interesting isn’t it how our past and future can only exist in our thoughts.

The present moment on the other hand is actually all that we have.

The present moment is a gift, how will you receive your present? Your gift?

Learning to live in the here and the now is one of the biggest challenges we face in present society.

This present moment is all you have – this IS your life.

It’s impossible to ignore our thinking.

Our thoughts affect us. But, do we have to be at the effect of our thoughts?

‘The body and mind are not separate and we cannot treat one without the other’, Candace Pert, Neuroscientist

In the 1970’s Candace Pert discovered the brain’s opiate receptors. This is where at cellular level in the body, the body’s painkillers and “bliss-makers”, the endorphins, work their magic. Although Candace Pert worked with brain cells, discovering opiate receptors in brain cells, she later said that every cell in our body is quite literally wired for bliss as the opiate cells aren’t confined to the brain.

Can you imagine if we allowed ourselves to be bliss-full instead of stress-full? You may consider this to be a fanciful notion.

I have to say that right from the start with the tools of Access Consciousness and in the beginning learning Access Bars® and having sessions of this amazing modality in particular, this is where I began to disconnect from what was expected of me in this reality and re-connect with the joyful and blissful being that I truly be.

I went from pain, suffering and gory to ease, joy and glory in what has been a relatively short space of time considering the number of years I was depressed, stressed and overwhelmed for.

I have received more change from the modality that is Access Consciousness than I have from all of the other modalities I have trained in and been a patient off. I know that’s a big statement to make and yet it is my truth. I am no longer at the effect of my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I am aware of them and now have tools that assist me every single day.

As the Covid restrictions begin to be lifted I am delighted to say that I will be back in in my space in Chester after April 12th offering individual sessions of Access Bars®, April 17th and the first of my Access Bars® training days on April 18th.

If you would like to know more about either of these days then email Denise at densieolievr@devaempowerment.com