Worldwide Facilitator

Denise Oliver, Deva

So this is me, Denise Oliver.  

I am the Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) here at Deva Empowerment.

I am a transformation and empowerment coach with a growing specialty in overcoming stress, anxiety, trauma and overwhelm.

I seek to inspire and empower you to see beyond your current problems by offering possibilities that may change your points of view about your life, your health and your wellbeing and bring the ease, calm and tranquility that you seek.

Tell me, what’s not going well in your world today?

I spent many years living in the wrongness of me, the wrongness of the choices I made and thinking that I was more screwed up than I actually was until I found Access Consciousness®.


I am a mum to three grown up children. As they were growing up I experienced all manor of health issues, physical, mental and emotional. 


As a result I have been on this journey of transformation myself recognising the limiting values and  beliefs that I have bought into. These  formed so many of my points of view, from childhood, without me realizing the impact they were having on me.


I have learnt to transform problems into possibilities, be ease and tranquility when challenges present themselves and so can you.   


What else is possible now dear You? 




  • Access Consciousness – 2014 to present day
  • Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator®
  • Access Consciousness The Bars® Facilitator
  • Nutritional Healing Therapist – 2005 to present day
  • Registered General Nursing 1976 – 2006