This is Me

Denise Oliver, Deva

So this is me, Denise Oliver.

I am the Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO) here at Deva Empowerment and this is what I am about …

In my original career as a nurse I realised how much I enjoyed nursing woman, when other nurses didn’t. As a woman myself I get you, your health and wellness concerns, being pregnant or not, career and business and the conflicts and judgements this may create in your life.

I spent many years living in the wrongness of me, the wrongness of the choices I made and thinking that I was more screwed up than I actually was until I found Access Consciousness®.

Access Consciousness – 2014 to present day

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

Many continuing professional development courses are taken with Access Consciousness throughout the year.

(If you wish to know more then please be in touch.)

Nutritional Healing Therapist – 2005 to present day

Nursing 1976 – 2006

What else is possible now beautiful goddesses?