I’m Denise Oliver and I am a resilience coach with a growing speciality in overcoming the stress, anxiety, trauma and overwhelm that is experienced with loss, adversity and grief.


I help the quiet, introverted woman build her resilience from loss and adversity so that she can move forward living a hope filled and purpose driven life.

Like you, I am no stranger to the devastation  of loss and grief.

Your experience has taken the wind out of your sails or numbed you to life or you’re attempting to live with what feels like an unbearable pain and non of it makes any sense.

Your loss, your experience of adversity is unique to you. As a result of this it is all too easy to lose sight of who you are as you attempt to navigate the choppy waters of our grief and loss.

For the introverted among us loss, grief and adversity can take its toll as we want to spend time on our own and yet we also need to speak out loud our inner turmoil.

Who do we talk to when we’re on the introverted end of the spectrum?


I wonder what you may have tried so far? 


Nothing?    Something? 

  • Talking with friends? I’m more stressed afterwards as they are getting on with their lives and don’t get it when I can’t.
  • Journaling? Am I doing this right? Is this really for me?
  • Group discussions? Oh the potential difficulty of this for an introvert.
  • Watching lots of Youtube? Informative and then what?
  • Reading? Books that end up more shelf-help than self-help. 
It can all be so overwhelming!

Our losses and adversities can leave us numb, lost in our own thoughts that take us nowhere but back to the loss and completely blindsided. And by the way all the points above – I’ve been there ending up in a loop of questioning my sanity and what my place in this life is all about.

The loss, the adversity and the resulting grief plus the desire to build resilience and not knowing where to start or what to do next can leave us stressed, worried, anxious, overwhelmed and  oh so confused swirling around in a brain fog that we just can’t shake off.



Well this is where Deva Empowerment can help.

Hi. I’m Denise, Denise Oliver, your resilience coach, and I have been there. Grief and I have had several intimate  interactions over the years. 

I know personally the devastation of loss and the emotional toil that this takes as we end up all over the place wondering who we are now and if this blundering around in the fog of it all will ever lift.

Loss can take many forms.

Loss of that someone special to us (or several someones), or perhaps your beloved pet and then what about those things that we don’t want to consider until we absolutely have to eg health, homes, jobs, finances, relationships, holiday of a lifetime – all can be taken from us and leave us with a space filled only with disbelief.

Until we are in it we can never know just how we will react. No book, Youtube channel, film, TV series, course or best friend can truly prepare us.

After all of the grief and loss I have known in my life I get you. As an introverted woman myself I know that I need to have quiet time and space to ponder while also embracing the need to live a life outside the four walls of my home as I embrace moving forward with my grief and loss. 

My desire is to be with you
Supporting you with the skills I have gathered over many years that will gently and calmly nurture you as we work together to grow your inner resilience and sense of self.

Are we right for each other? 

These are some of the words you will hear me use and that I live my life by.

What about you?  How are these words for you? 




here are a few of my favourite things …

I love the co-parenting responsibilities that I have with my daughter and her Romanian rescue dog, Jessie, here in Chester.

Cacao is a food that supports me everyday. Drinking the ceremonial grade version of cacao has such a positive impact on my mental wellbeing.

Courses that support my brain health, my mental fitness and my peace of mind are crucial to me. They feed into the work that I do and the support that I can offer you.

I hope that you feel like you know me a little bit better now and that we might work with each other when you’re ready to grow your inner resilience and empowerment as you learn to move forward with your grief and loss.

As an introverted woman myself  I understand the quietly grieving woman and offer one-to-one coaching consultations guiding you to unearth your inner calm, empowerment and resilience. Using a variety of coaching skills to enhance your brain health, mental fitness and peace of mind, melting your stress and building your resilience is possible.

You can find me …

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/devaempowerment
email – deniseoliver@devaempowerment.com
website – www.devaempowerment.com