Grief and Loss Resilience

 I am a resilience coach with a growing specialty in overcoming the stress, anxiety, trauma and overwhelm that is experienced with loss and grief.

I am certain that coaching is about the future,  your future, as you learn to move forward with your grief. 

I am also certain that experiencing coaching will help you create a future, with this coach guiding you, that’s different from the future that you would have arrived at by default.

Denise Oliver



From my own personal experiences of loss and grief these are the Values that have sustained me and showed me that I can move forward with my grief and loss in a positive and pro-active way. Your values may be different to mine. No right or wrong here.


Courage – Finding the strength and bravery, no matter the stress and anxiety of the situation, to have empathy for oneself, grow in mental fitness and trust in that process as you move forward with your grief and loss, with vulnerability, knowing that you can rewire your brain, your mind, your thoughts, feelings and emotions.




Discovery – Discovery is a continuous process, a-ha moments of what is required to change thoughts, feelings and emotions as one begins unearthing and excavating what has been lost of yourself and revealing the things about yourself that became hidden beneath your grief.



Kindness – Caring for oneself may appear to be a selfish act and yet the act of putting your own oxygen mask of kindness on first, learning to have compassion for you, being gentle with you, having patience for you and expressing your grief appropriately is the best form of kindness you can gift yourself has been my mantra throughout my recent grief and loss experience.




Pragmatic – I am certain that it is possible for you, as it has been for me,  to find your unique, challenging and sometimes messy way forward with your grief, assisted by the tools and techniques you will be asked to apply, as you work your way forward out of your story of upset, wrongness, disempowerment, and more, leading to a space of lightness and ability to live life in a positive way. 




 Resilience (and Empowerment) – I discovered that resilience in the face of grief and loss is possible with adaptation and adjustment tools and techniques that allow a person to grow to a level of flexible resilience and inner and outer empowerment, allowing one to show up again in life feeling more whole than hollow, able to cope rather than reject, connect, contribute and know that having the confidence to be with  grief in a unique and personal way, as a new found level of self-awareness and forgiveness, with my thoughts, feelings and emotions emerged along with an optimism for my life and living. 




As we find our courage, make life changing discoveries, show unprecedented amounts of kindness for ourselves and all of this in a pragmatic, unique way to us, our resilience with grief grows and then one day we find that may be, just may be we are ready to seek the gift, the lesson, a more positive outlook in our grief, that shows us a way to be happy again, as we move forward with our grief and loss.

I know that people are incredible with huge amounts of potential. By working with you as you develop your brain health, your mental fitness and your peace of mind I am certain that it is possible to rewire your brain, your neuroplasticity so that you move forward bringing out the best in yourself and living your changed life with much more ease and flow.


With kindess

Denise x





  • Positive Intelligence 2022 – to present day
  • Havening Techniques® – 2022 – to present day
  • Access Consciousness – 2014 to 2022
  • Nutritional Healing Coach – 2005 to present day
  • Registered General Nursing 1976 – 2006