What’s the transformation you desire more than anything in your life and as yet haven’t allowed yourself to choose it?

PreBooking from 24th September!

This Transformation Coaching Club is created with you in mind if you are a woman over 40 and you know that somewhere you are not  reaching your full  potential. 

You know that you are holding back in some way shape or form. You know that there is a song in your heart that you haven’t yet sung and are looking for the tools and techniques to release this into the world.

You have doubts, fears and worries about yourself, your career, your money situation, your relationships, your family, your environment and so much more.

I would like to ask you when enough will be enough? 

How broken will you have to be before  you seek something different? 

By being a member of this club you will discover YOU.

The you that has been pretending that all is well can safely drop the veil and step into the transformation you desire at your speed and with support from the whole community.

An aim of this club is that you recognise that fearless living is possible when you take loving  action just for you. 

If you know that you have a deep desire to change, then the sparks of desire can be fanned into flames within this club.

The biggest change can happen with others on the same quest for change as you.

Knowing that support is available within the club when the action to transformation is particularly challenging for you, well, what would this be like for you?

Doors to this club will officially be open, to join, on Friday, September 24th for one week only

You will be officially welcomed to the club on October 1st via a dedicated Facebook group.

This inaugural Membership will be £37.00 per month for the first intake period only.  This initial price will never be repeated.

Doors to the club will only be opened three times per year. 

After this initial launch, doors will be closed until the end of January, 2022.

As we don’t want you to miss out, be sure to sign up before October 1st. 


With ease and gratitude

Denise and all at Deva Empowerment

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