“If you desire a different life, you have to show up in a different way.”  ~ Denise P Oliver CF

In one week’s time we are opening the doors to The Transformational Coaching Club, September 24th.

You will have only one week to choose membership of this club, designed with you in mind. 

I and this club are all about taking you from your fears, doubts and worries to ease and peace of mind using a no nonsense yet nurturing approach.

After the initial week of opening its doors they will then be closed as the brave pioneers who choose this, flex their boldness muscles and take to the ‘DATE’-ing scene.

DATE is the process of Discovery, Action, Transformation and Empowerment that we will build on in the four months of this initial phase of the TTCC.  DATE-ing is about you, making time and space for you.

For some time I have desired to reach more women, women like yourself, over 40 with worries about so many aspects of their life and living that are destroying their peace of mind. 

The solution, to create an online membership where you get to be centre stage in your life. 

Many of my clients are entering the coming of their second Spring, the peri-menopause and menopause phase and some say this has them feeling as though they are going mad and that they are losing their identity. Fear not. This too will be covered.

So, are you ready?

Are you willing?

On September 24th the doors will open. If you join the club in this initial phase your monthly membership will be just £37 per month as long as you remain in the club. After this the monthly price will be £67 per month.

So my intrepid explorer is it time to save the date, 24th September? #nomissingout #ttcc 

You can find out more here.

With ease, joy and peace of mind

Denise – Chief Empowerment Officer


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