As you receive this month’s newsletter I will be enjoying the last day of my annual holiday to the very picturesque seaside town that is St Ives in Cornwall. 

Yes the journey is long and yes the roads in St Ives are a bit of a nightmare in that parking to unload the car of all the holiday stuff equals causing a traffic jam and many apologies to the waiting drivers. 

That said, once we get there, unload, inspect where we are staying it’s then straight to the beach where breathing in the St Ives sea air means that all my cares and troubles just melt right away. 

I cannot believe that it’s been one year since our  beautiful Jessie  joined our family and home. When she first came to us, as you can imagine having travelled three days in a van from Romania, she was super stressed. 

We have spent so much time with her, training her, teaching her English, getting to know her preferences and she has rewarded us with so much joy.

Thank you Jessie for all that you be and the smiles that you have created since coming to us.

September saw the first of what myself and Sami Blackford are hoping is the first of many,  Red Tent, Chester gatherings.

From teenagers to elders we sat as women, spoke without censor or judgement and all agreed how much better we felt as a result of this. 

If you would like to join the Facebook group to experience lots of online chatting, please find the link here

If you would like to join us at the next live evening event, October 5th, please be in touch and I will be very happy to give you all the details. 

Places are limited so if you wish to join us please be sure to book with me.

Today is the day that the doors are open to The Transformational Coaching Club.

How does it get any better than this? While on holiday I haven’t left Deva E. behind. Deva was most definitely with me on this super relaxing holiday and like me she is so excited to be bringing you this monthly membership club designed to support your journey through midlife and beyond. Join here!

As women in our middle decades we very often find ourselves juggling responsibilities whilst being aware that our bodies are beginning to do the opposite of puberty. We can feel all over the place with so many demands made of us and put on us.

At Deva Empowerment we have created the DATE-ing system and you are invited to join us and learn what it is to go on a date with yourself, Discovering the person that you know it’s possible to be; take Action with the support of the others in the group; Transforming by acknowledging what you are letting go off; finding Empowerment from the process that supports the life you desire. DATE-ing!

If you get that this is something you have been looking for then you can check out the link to join the club here.

That’s it for this month. Enjoy the transition into Autumn and I’ll be back with more smiles in October.

‘Best wishes to you. Warmest Regards’


Denise and all at Deva Empowerment

PS  And yes, I have at last watched the beautifully written and acted Schitt’s Creek. If, like me, you are getting to the Schitt Creek party late, you won’t be disappointed. Well worth the binge watch on Netflix. ‘Best wishes to you. Warmest Regards’.