Would you be willing to be kind to hospitality staff this Summer Bank Holiday weekend? 

Hello and welcome to The Smile as we kick off the August Bank Holiday weekend here at Deva Empowerment with a request. 

In this newsletter I have one request of you all. Just one. 

That request is, would you be willing to be kind to hospitality staff this August Bank Holiday weekend? 

This may include anyone who works in an ice-cream kiosk, a coffee shop, a restaurant, a hotel, a theme park etc. 

My daughter works locally in one of Chester’s favourite coffee haunts. She works super long shifts and experiences all kinds of human interaction, most good and some not so good. For the most part people are kind and considerate. 

All I ask of you is please give the staff of which ever place you chose to frequent, a smile. It costs you nothing to be kind, courteous and to smile. 

All staff are doing the best that they can in the circumstances that they find themselves working with. From staff shortages due to the ‘ping-demic’, through to more people requesting table service and take aways because it’s a bank holiday weekend. 

With more of us staycationing due to restrictions on our holiday movements local cafes, bars and restaurants are our next port of call. We wish to get out of the home and treat ourselves in some way. 

I love nothing more than knowing that when I visit a city, a resort, a foreign country that I will at some point sit and enjoy from a menu that is something I haven’t prepared myself. This in itself makes me smile and I communicate this to the staff waiting on, along with my appreciation for them and the job that they choose to do. 

How many smiles and how much kindness could you gift this weekend? 

With ease and gratitude 

Denise and Deva Empowerment

PS – In the spirit of kindness would you be willing to suggest this newsletter to someone you know   requires a smile? when signing up the newsletter they will receive a simple and magical relation recording.