Dear YOU

How are YOU?

I wonder what has you smiling today? Where have you noticed MAGIC today?

I have several Smiles to share with you today.

The first is to share with you that today is International Friendship Day!  This year’s theme is “Deepening International Friendships” and I wonder if this can act as a prompt for you to reach out to your friends both at home and abroad, and touch base with them once again if you’ve lost touch lately.  What better excuse could there be to rekindle old friendships?

* * * * *

Another smile for today, comes in the shape of a review I received from Karen, who recently completed my ‘Empowerment Programme’.  I asked her for her thoughts on the whole experience, and this is what she had to say:

“When I was lucky enough to be introduced to Denise, I had no idea about Access Consciousness whatsoever.  Like many others, I had had my fair share of less than happy experiences along the way, including a traumatic divorce and the diagnosis of a brain tumour.  Neither of which had made an appearance in my bucket list of the top ten things to achieve before I pop my clogs!

Denise came into my world with a whole new language; asking ‘what else is possible and how does it get any better than this?’ and  I have to admit that I was intrigued by this awesome human who literally oozed happiness and had a natural ‘joie de vivre’ about her!  Whatever Denise was on that enabled her to see the possibilities in life, and allowed her to turnaround the mindset of ‘wrongness’ into one of ‘strongness’, I wanted to be on it too!

I began having regular Coaching sessions with Denise every week, where we’d talk through what had happened during the previous week and anything that this had brought up.  In particular, Denise gave me a selection of different Access tools to use as the weeks went on and I was set homework to use them as and when needed and I’d report back on my success or otherwise during the following session.

Some of the sessions we had included relaxation meditations which were amazing.  Denise recorded these and I still play them most nights before I go to sleep as I find that they have a profoundly positive effect in silencing my unwanted brain chatter and bringing me to a place of calm and deep relaxation.

I’m not a believer in ‘easy fixes’ and I have to admit that I had some weeks where I had better results than others, but of course, I was only just learning about Access Consciousness and it’s amazing tools.  Sometimes we really do need to take the infamous ‘one step forward and two steps back’ at the start of our journey.  But the knowledge that we will get there in the end and be in a much better place mentally and emotionally, is worth its weight in gold.

Sitting here, after working with Denise for the past 15 weeks, I am proud and really delighted to report that I’ve noticed many changes in my thoughts, emotions, words and actions when life throws it’s inevitable curve balls at me.

The Course comes with PDF pages to print out and keep and these build up into a really useful reference/tool kit, so that when things go wrong in future, which let’s face it, the Law of Averages says they’ll probably do so at some point, I just need to dip in and pick out the best tools for the job.

Is it worth taking the chance and signing up to begin to transform your own life?  Hell yes!  Just do it!

How does it get any better than this, and what else is possible?

Thank you so much.

Karen xx”

* * * * *

If you’d like to learn more about the Empowerment Programme, you can find details here, and of course, you can get in touch for a chat to see if this is the programme for you.

And finally, I’d to share with you that today is National Cheesecake Day which gives me the perfect excuse to share another smile with you – Peter Kay’s Cake of Cheese sketch!  You can watch the video here and I really hope that it puts an enormous ‘cheesy grin’ (pun intended!), on your face for the rest of the day!

As we rush on to August, I’d like to wish you a sunny (but not too hot!) Summer and hope that August brings you smiles galore.

Thank you for continuing to open and read this newsletter.

With ease, joy and appreciation for all you magically be.

Denise x