It’s ‘Take your dog to work day’ today.

The magic of animals and the smiles they generate are priceless in my opinion.

While I wouldn’t as yet take our rescue dog Jessie, more training required yet, with me to my clinic room when seeing clients for Access Bars® sessions, or when facilitating either Access Bars® training or The Access Foundation®, she does sit with me in my home office especially when her and I have done her early morning walk together.

Here’s a photo of little Jessie dog taking in the look of an empty Chester at 7am.

National Smile month ended on June 17th.

For me very day, week and month brings me something to smile about. What about you? What has had you smiling recently?

I had the pleasure and privilege and a lot to smile about  when friend and fellow Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Alun Jones, visited Chester.



Alun had never been to Chester before and for me it was it was such a luxury to take time off mid-week and spend time in the beautiful city that I call home with this lovely man who had taken time out from his weekly working schedule.

Walking with Alun through Chester and pointing out the sites of this city Alun saw the magic of it and so did I. We had such a sense of being nurtured by the weather, the place we walked through, the Chester walls, it’s history and spending time with each other that we both commented that we felt as though we’d had a much longer holiday. We had so much ease chatting together that it felt as though we had known each other for much longer than we actually have in this lifetime.

Before he left Alun assured me that he would be back to spend even more time mooching around Chester and sensing the magic that lies around every corner. Thank you for being you Alun Jones and spending time in Chester with me.

* * * * * * *

New ‘Red Tent Chester’, discussion group for women in Chester

Myself and Sami Blackford, of Freyaluna Skincare, have with great pleasure chosen to co-create a Red Tent which is both online via Facebook and will eventually, when Covid restrictions permit, host them in person.

We don’t know about you but we’ve enjoyed the slowness of lockdown and would like to invite you to join us in this group as we continue to view life from a slower, calmer place.

Both of us in our own way desire women to learn how to gift themselves the time to connect with themselves so that they are not always running on an empty tank physically and mentality.

With this group we invite you as a woman to leave all judgement and ill-will at the door as you bring yourself and whatever it is that is on your mind to the group for discussion.

We care that as women…

:: You have a safe space to express yourself

:: You have a space to connect

:: You have a space to drop your barriers and discover your vulnerability

:: To know that you are not alone – ever

:: That no topic of health (or life) is off the table – ever

Joining us couldn’t be easier. All that you have to do is follow this link:  Join here.

With ease, joy and lots of smiles I wish you a joyous July

Denise x