Dear YOU

How are you?

Perhaps like me you are noticing the progression of Spring and that we are on the cusp of summer. The sun rises earlier and earlier every day and sets later and later every day. Now for lots more sunshine please.

The number of Smiles I have to share with you today go something like this.

My very lovely friend and entrepreneur Ali Gill has written a piece for us on her version of what Magic is. More on this later in the newsletter.

I have attended my first in person networking event since the very first lockdown happened. It was surreal. Like a dream and so much fun. Lots of chat, laughter, differing opinions about Covid and mask wearing and all discussed with respect for each other’s point of view.

For me personally, as you receive this newsletter into your inbox, I will be attending my fifth Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator training.

Once again due to the Covid restrictions this will be happening on line instead of in Rome. I am so excited for this as it means that for another year I get to bring you so many Access Consciousness courses.  The tools of Access Consciousness have proved magical for me and it’s this that keeps me committed to bringing them to you.

I have been asked to begin sharing with you when I have events coming up. Look out for dedicated emails about events that will be landing in your in box beginning in June.

And now it’s over to Ali Gill and her take on MAGIC. Thank you so much Ali for stepping up and writing this. Much appreciated.

                                                                              * * * * * *

Do you believe in magic? What does magic mean to you? What is magic really? 

I believe in MAGIC! I have purposely over used the word magic in the introduction to this for two reasons. Number one, the word just makes me SMILE! Every. Single. Time! Number two, if you over use a word and keep on saying it, it scrambles your brain slightly and makes you think the word sounds strange. It happens with any word and it’s just a funny thing that our brain does!  Which leads me quite nicely onto the brain!

The brain, now I could spend hours talking about the brain, in fact I could just spend hours talking but that’s beside the point! The brain is incredible, it holds our thoughts, feelings, emotions, pain, subconscious, dreams, memories and so much more, but our brain can only hold so much, so it is my belief that a lot of these ‘things’ are stored in our energy, our aura, our presence and just in and around our whole being. Our brains regularly feel very full and overloaded and often we can feel overwhelmed and fearful of things, our brains will compute these fears and put them into our subconscious to ‘protect’ us, sometimes for our own good and sometimes not, remember this is our subconscious working here, not our day to day brain and often we are not aware of the hidden fears and protection layers, these layers are often referred to as barriers, blocks or beliefs.  

Quite often we will not end up doing something that may be out of our comfort zone because of the fear we hold in our energy. This will keep us protected but will also stop us from growing and expanding.  I get it! I used to live in fear all the time, it stopped me from doing so much, stopped me from being true to me and made me often behave in false ways to be accepted. (A whole other chapter! Told you I could talk!)

Many things have helped me on my journey and that’s why I truly believe in magic! I discovered Access Bars via Denise P Oliver and trained to be a practitioner after having my bars run on several occasions and categorically telling Denise that I was in no way interested in training ………. and then literally the words popped out of my mouth ‘I want to train!’ I said if there was enough money in my PayPal account I would commit there and then, the exact amount was sitting in my PayPal account! Magic? Coincidence? Fate? Whatever! I took the opportunity and my world started to change.

I have always been passionate about energy and journaling; I delve into the subconscious with my journaling courses and unlock the blocks and barriers that hold you back and give you the layers of fear. I was not confident to promote this, was totally adverse to Zoom calls and like to ’hide’, so this past 18 months has been a HUGE challenge and I have had to address my fears over and over, face them and clear them.

I now run regular online courses, I work face to face as and when this is allowed, when I feel overwhelmed or lost, I have learnt to stop. I have learnt to listen to my mind, body and soul. I have learnt to listen to the Universe, I have learnt it’s OK to be ‘woohoo’  and above all I have learnt it’s OK to be ME!  I have my bars run regularly and I journal out my ‘stuff’, I still hit barriers, I still hit blocks but now I have the tools to be able to face them and tackle them and move along again.

So, do I believe in magic you ask? Yes I do! Absolutely! Bars are a little bit of magic, journaling is a little bit of magic, the Universe is a little bit of magic, you are a little bit of magic and so am I!

And to top it off, I am smiling as I write this because I have just stepped out of my comfort zone yet again to write this!  With love and gratitude! x

                                                                        * * * * * *

Ali Gill. Bestselling author, wife and mum to two amazing and challenging children,  two pigs and her new puppy dog. As well as completing  an eco-build.  Ali can be found creating many different products with our wellbeing in mind. Take a look here at and her many journaling courses which you can contact her on  for more information about.

Thank you for continuing to open and read this newsletter.

With ease, joy and appreciation for all you magically be.


Denise x