Dear YOU

How are YOU?

I wonder what has you smiling today? Where have you noticed MAGIC today?

I have several Smiles to share with you today.

The first one is the amazing news that Dr Dain Heer, co-founder of Access Consciousness®, has been granted an International Day. His first International Day is going to be on May 22nd, 2021 and is the ‘International Being You Day’.

You can watch below a very excited Dr Dain talking, crying and laughing about this wonderful creation…




International Being You Day – The First Ever on May 22, 2021

The second thing that has me smiling is the wonder of nature. the daylight hours are longer, the weather is warmer and oh, how the blossom is blooming on the trees. How does it get any better than this? My daughter has discovered that she has green fingers and is planting and nurturing all kinds of seeds and plants from tomatoes and potatoes to strawberries and herbs. I look forward to the fruits of her labours later this year.

We are of course beginning to emerge from the lockdowns that we have been subject to. I for one am grateful for this. I am so ready to get back in my space in Chester seeing clients again for both individual sessions and for training days. I’m wondering what you are grateful for now that we are being to emerge and re-connect?

The month of April has been ‘Stress Awareness’ month here in the UK.

How are you? How is your mental strength? Please know that I believe in you and if you are experiencing a wobble in your mental strength and experiencing more mental stress than usual, I have a free download for you created with your mental strength in mind.

I have tailored my Facebook posts on Deva Empowerment page this month to reflect this, (you can find the Deva Empowerment Facebook page here), and I’m also offering Access Bars® sessions and Access Bars® training as I believe that there is such a gift of relaxation and mental strength in both of these types of sessions.

One way that I wished to share with you a sense of de-stressing and relaxation was to bring to you a relaxation recording that you can use again and again.

This recording is about you finding your Magic and your SMILE with ease.

Please download the recording here and feel free to share and use it as often as you desire.

It will be featured as my new free offering on my website for anyone wishing to sign up and receive this newsletter on a regular basis. Would you be willing to spread the word? Would you be willing to let others know about The Smile, the newsletter devoted to bringing you something beyond the doom and gloom of this reality? The newsletter that wishes to see you grow from mental stress to mental strength.

Thank you for continuing to open and read this.

With ease, joy, magic and an abundance of smiles


PS To book an initial complimentary Get Acquainted Call, or an Access Bars® session please follow this link to the Deva online diary


PPS You can find many ‘Smile’ encouragements on the Deva Empowerment Facebook page.  You are invited to hop on over there and smile with us. #smile