The Smile – Issue 2 – Feb 2021

See Magic In Life Everyday

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Dear You

I wonder what has brought a SMILE to your beautiful face recently?

I wonder where you have smiled for no good reason since the first issue of The Smile newsletter was sent out to you?

How have you found letting your JOY shine from you, from every molecule of your beautiful body and being?

I wonder where you have found magic in your life every day?

For me ‘Seeing Magic In Life Everyday’ has me positively searching for that. What I acknowledge about this is that this has me less at the effect of any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that may arise.

I acknowledge the mental strength that this imparts to me and the lessening of the hold over me that any mental stressors may attempt to have.

Here are some of the SMILEs I’ve experienced this month –

  • Acknowledging the return to the light. Noticing how every day I wake up just a little bit earlier and that I can take a walk in the early evening and there is still light in the sky.
  • Watching my daughter double dig a veggie patch. Then she bought and planted so many seeds in pots and is lovingly tending to them.
  • During the digging phase in the veggie patch. seeing the absolute delight that Jessie-dog  had ‘helping’ to dig deeper. She was covered in soil and so pleased with herself.
  • My daughter’s boyfriend has resurrected the bird table, filled it with bird feed and now we get to see so many birds swooping in to feast. Totally mesmerising and joyful.
  • At said bird table we also get to watch the squirrels drive themselves demented in their attempt to get beyond the squirrel guard. Their agility is phenomenal.
  • Then there is observing so many Spring bulbs in full bloom. Is there anyone who doesn’t find a snowdrop enchanting?
  • I’ve been doing a daily Facebook live and thoroughly enjoying myself.
  • For my business I smile knowing that I have put the finishing touches to my private session offerings and Empowerment Workbook that accompanies some of the programmes available to you.

For me there is so much to be grateful for and so much to SMILE about.

What are you grateful for? We would love to hear from you and what is creating greater in your world. We look forward to you being in touch.

In next month’s issue we have Sami Blackford of Freya Luna botanical skin care talking to us all about the use of products to maintain our radiant SMILE.

What else is possible for each of us beyond what we’ve never considered before?

What would it take to be the joy explosion we truly be?

With ease, joy, glory and millions of SMILEs

Denise xxx

PS During these distanced times, I have created a free resources section on my website where you are very welcome to go and watch something that may just bring some ease and joy into your world. Or perhaps you know someone that something on my website may just benefit them in some way. Please share. Everyone has the right to find their happiness. #smilecreations #makesomeonesday #happiness

PPS You can find many ‘Smile’ encouragements on the Deva Empowerment Facebook page.  You are invited to hop on over there and smile with us. #smile