How have your Smile moments been this November?

My Smiles – In Brief:


  • Visits to Manchester
  • Darker mornings and fairy lights
  • A photograph that makes me grin from ear to ear when I see it
  • Collaboration with a wonderful person
  • Movement

Visits to Manchester

After so much time staying home or only travelling very locally I have reached outside of my introvert comfort zone and taken several visits to Manchester in the last few weeks. My eldest son had a birthday, a friend was in Chorlton visiting from Dorking in the South and I had a day with several other Access Bars® practitioners and facilitators as well as there being three Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators in the same room, as we all swapped Bars® at Wellington Mill.

So much to see, talk about and do in such a short space of time. So many smiles to come home with.

Darker mornings and fairy lights

I walked into my kitchen one morning this week at 6.45am. It was dark. I was so aware of the people who grumble and complain about the darker mornings. I used to be the same. I used to dread the shorter days and the colder weather. Not anymore. Now I switch on the fairy lights and dance around my kitchen. I also use this time to sort out my winter clothes and clear out things that don’t fit, are past their best (usually my tights) and buy the few things that are required to replenish my wardrobe and that bring comfort to my body as we enter the Winter weeks ahead. How do you banish the gremlins on dark mornings? 

A photograph that makes me grin from ear to ear when I see it

Every now and then I take a photograph on my phone that delights me so much. It was an evening walk with Jessie dog. She chose to walk by the river. Here in Chester the ducks gather under the Queens Park suspension bridge as it goes dark. Jessie loves to lunge at them from the safety of the path. This particular evening she walked me onto a rowing club jetty and from there I took this photo.

It has me grinning from ear to ear every time I see it. How about you have you taken any photos recently that have you smiling?

Collaboration with a wonderful person

I have had the absolute pleasure of collaborating this month with my friend and colleague Sami Blackford of Freyaluna Skincare. We have taken a Hero’s Journey, refined our individual elevator pitches and have the bare bones of a retreat day, ‘Slow Down Sunday’, in the making for next year. Sami and I collaborate on ‘Red Tent Chester’ and are now extending that collaboration to bring comfort days to women of all ages, with the first one being in February. Care to join us? You can do so here.


And finally for this newsletter I have challenged myself to record, and I’m doing this inside the Red Tent Chester Facebook Group, my movement in a day. I started this on the last new moon. I have been surprised by how much I actually move each day. Because I don’t do any formal type of exercise, eg going to a gym or being a part of an online yoga class for instance, I was allowing the nagging little voice in my head to judge me for this. One day I didn’t get outdoors and so I had a go at this:


You’ll have to visit the video to see what I was attempting. I laugh out loud thinking about my rather uncoordinated attempts. It was so much fun though.

Thank you for taking the time to tune in and have  a read.

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