Dear You,

Have you noticed how much doom and gloom there has been in our universes for such a long time now? What else is possible?

We’ve lost our ‘norm’.  What  does our routine look like now? What will our children’s future look like? What about the planet? And this pandemic? What of this? What will our new norm look like? All of this may be creating anxiety in your world.

Dear You,

What has been coming to me is that we as beings on this planet need to build our resilience more than ever before. What makes me say this? We have been living beyond our means and the life span of our planet for such a long time now. We’ve been experiencing extremes in weather for years and now in Covid we are more aware of this than never before. I’ve seen full grown daffodils and its  only January. In my childhood these were plants of March, of Spring and Mother’s Day. Even nature isn’t sure of its routine anymore.

So, enough with the doom and gloom that can be so overwhelming. What are the possibilities here? What are the infinite possibilities here? What as beings co-existing with this planet, what can we do in a simple and gentle way each and every day?

One of the things I would like to invite You to is ‘The Smile’.

I get that this may sound corny, cheesy and way to simplistic and yet here I am inviting you to Smile. I am ready to be judged and ridiculed for this action thatIi’m taking in 2021 and beyond.

The Smile is a place where I am seeking the lightness of life and sharing this with You. You may have a sense that your life is on hold, events have been cancelled and worse, a loved one may have died.  Where is your focus right now? How are you doing in all of this? What are you choosing now?

For me, I am choosing a focus of ease, joy, glory and smiling. I care about you and your mental health. This matters to me. As someone who used to look at the world as though she had a gold fish bowl on her head and life happened to her, I invite you to your life. A life that consists of what truly matters to you.

If you could have anything from life what would you choose?

I am choosing to count the smiles in my day. I am choosing to notice what are the things that bring a smile to my face. I invite you to this too. I am focusing on the joy that is available to each and every one of us, right here, right now.

The Smile is about connecting us to each other, one smile at a time.

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A Smile a day  [                                        ]    fill in the blank 🙂

Global Access Bars® Day

Saturday 16th January is Global Access Bars® day

If you would like to know more about Access Consciousness and The Bars® then this day is for you.

For us in the UK, the day starts at 3pm and goes through to 3am the next morning.

In years gone by I have had the pleasure of hosting a ‘Party of Possibilities’ (POP). With the lockdown situation we found ourselves managing at this time, for me, organising a POP wasn’t ok this year.

That said, I do invite you to head on over to the Access Consciousness page that gives you all the details about this rather awesome day that is free for you to experience. If you’re ready to book your ticket then find the link here …

With ease joy and at least one smile a day

Denise 🙂