Last week writer and Access Consciousness® practitioner Donnielle Carter ran a Zoom session on “The Energy of Words”. Donnielle runs workshops across the world to help people focus on communicating with their body. “I ask my body for one thing and get the complete opposite”.

Now we can all agree that words have a very powerful energy, and not always in a way we would like, what if you could change that energy? What if you knew the right way to ask for something and actually get it?

Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POC and POD, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds”.*

Donnielle has always had a fascination with words and the world you can create with them but never actually thought about  how her writing had impacted the world she was living in. She had created a fantasy world for herself, it is not uncommon for people to do this, you are present in your job and you can hold a conversation but when you are alone you live in your own bubble. As Donnielle started her journey with Access Consciousness® she began to wonder what would happen if she created a world she wanted with her life, her finances, her relationships with words rather than the fantasy world she was currently writing. Access Consciousness told her that it was all about the energy and she wanted to follow her words.

“Language is not beyond energy”

Have you ever said an affirmation? “I am loved, I deserve to be loved” etc, we are constantly told that affirmations work for us. The truth is they work only half of the time at best. On the surface these are great but what is the energy really saying? Verbally you are saying “I am in control” but, typically, you don’t believe it. An affirmation is there to help you believe the opposite of what you are feeling. What does the energy of your affirmations say? If you say, “I am in control”, you believe you aren’t in control so the energy behind it says, “I am not in control, people and situations control me”, the universe, people, everything listens to the energy and not what you say. The universe is energy, we are energy, it is a common element that everything communicates through and contributes to one another.

“Words can be translated”

When we as a species became verbal, we started to put words to energy. The red thing hanging from the green and brown thing in the garden, that’s energy we named ‘apple’. This is why words can be translated, between languages and to the ask for what we want. When you are clear on the energy you ask for, you are able to create greater things.

“This needs to change!”

Have you ever asked or demanded for something to change? Demanded that something in your life changes? We do that energetically, we feel it and we want it, we believe it can change. After you have made that demand how many people start moving towards words to make it happen? Reading books, asking questions, having conversations. Words are a tool to create and enhance our energy.

“When you become aware of the energy your words are bringing up, judgement decreases, and choice increases.”

When you stand in front of the mirror in a morning do you tell yourself “You look great” but deep inside you feel like crawling back into bed because you don’t believe this. We are told to give our selves compliments and boost our self esteem regularly and eventually we will change our mindset. The energy you are giving off is that of the negative feeling inside. If you can look in the mirror and be honest “I am grateful for my body, I’m so frustrated by my stomach rolls, or the fact I’m constantly in pain with my back.” This acknowledges the energy that is already there. If you don’t acknowledge that energy you are judging yourself and it takes you out of choice, because if you cut off your awareness of what is actually going on you cut off receiving from the universe what would actually shift and change what you are actually feeling.  So, acknowledge what you are feeling and POC** and POD** it, then ask the question “What would it take to change this?”

“What am I not acknowledging about this situation to help it change or make it better?”

This blog is 100% inspired by Donnielle Carter’s  Zoom presentation of ‘The Energy of Words’.

Donnielle is now an expert facilitator with Access Consciousness and has a variety of free Zoom events. To sign up, visit her website

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With ease, joy, glory and magic

Denise x

Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator


** POC – Point of Creation

** POD – Point of Destruction