The Book of Possibility has been created by the happy wizards at Access Consciousness® to bring Access Bars® to groups of people, for example groups of nurses, teachers, frontline workers and more.

This is a shortened version of the full day Access Consciousness Access Bars® training day.

It has been devised to bring to groups who work together and often in stressful situations and circumstances a means by which to bring calmness and clarity to the brain and body.

As an ex nurse I can recall times when I was overwhelmed by circumstances I witnessed e.g. attending my first cardiac arrest, aged 19, and the subsequent death of that patient. If I had been able to get my Bars® run at that time I know that I wouldn’t have felt quite so devastated after the event for the length of time that it stayed with me.

The teaching of this takes approximately four hours depending on the number of people present. It gives you tools and techniques to work with your colleagues in reducing stress and anxiety.

if you would like to know more about this empowering modality please email to set up an exploratory conversation where dates, times and costs can be discussed.

Thank you, game changers.

I look forward to being with you very soon.

  1. Please note – This half day course does not equate to you being an Access Bars® Practitioner. A whole day of certified training is required for this.