Dear You, how is your digestion?

How is the pipe of yours handling the food and fluid you send down it on a regular basis?

How are you and your belly getting on?

Is the Buddha in your belly smiling or frowning?

There is so much I could tell you about me and my digestive system that for today’s purpose I will refrain from expanding on. Needless to say, I totally ignored the Buddha in my belly until he was roaring at me that something had to change.

Enter nutritional therapy and discovering alternative foods and drinks that brought the smile back to my Buddha’s face, or is that belly?

A lot changed with my eating and drinking choices. One of the things that I am eternally grateful for is being shown linseed tea.

I have never been a tea or coffee drinker. I was, however, heavily into the fizzy drinks. Over time these took their toll on this wonderful pipe of mine, my digestive tract.

So, in case your Buddha is roaring at you, let me now share with you a very simple linseed tea recipe. As I love this mixture so much, I prepare it in a large flask and spend the afternoons slurping on this restorative drink.

Golden Linseed Tea

In the shops you can find two types of linseeds, golden and brown.

My preference is for golden ones. I prefer the colour and their outer coating is less rigid. this means that they give up their oils more easily. In this drink it’s this oiliness that we’re after.

If you haven’t had golden linseeds before, then I suggest that you buy small quantities until you have established if you like them, that they work with your digestive system and how much of them you will use per day.

When linseeds are soaked, they release a water soluble mucilaginous gel that is so soothing to the digestive tract.


1 teaspoon – Organic Golden Linseeds

1 cup or mug – Filtered Water

Place the linseeds and water in a small pan and carefully bring this to a boil. Allow the mixture to simmer for a couple of minutes and then turn the heat off. DO NOT take your eyes off this as it can easily boil over.

Leave the mixture too cool to a drinking temperature.

If you have a weakened digestive system, then I would advise straining the seeds out and drinking the fluid only until you consider your system has recovered sufficiently and is more robust to manage the seeds as well.

Make and drink at least one cup of this a day.

It was always affectionately known as ‘a hug in a mug’.  Mmmmmm!

Here’s to your buddha smiling with you.

Denise xx