Many people come to me looking for instant cures for what ails them.

For some people this absolutely happens however, if you are anything like I used to be then a one off session may not be enough.

When I first came to Access Consciousness® I was stuck in some very limiting beliefs and when I went to my first Access Bars® training day one of these limiting beliefs (a MASSIVE one) surfaced.

This belief was one of being wrong in some way or another, ALL THE TIME!

I told myself when I was travelling to the training day that I would get lost… I convinced myself that I would be late… I also had the story in my head that I would be the worse person to ever attend a Bars training day… Oh woe is me!

Imagine how weird it was when my facilitator didn’t want me to go into the story of the lostness, the lateness, or how I considered that I would be the worst person ever to come to Access Consciousness and The Bars®. All she said to me was “How does it get any better than this?. Errrm, say what?! No drama? How come?

As the day progressed she picked up on me making myself wrong and offered me this question…

“What’s right about me that I’m not getting?”

…How could there be anything right about me? Did she not know me? Did she not get that this wrongness is what defined me?

As the training day advanced something in me shifted. I could run someone’s Bars… I actually did it very well… I even got to a stage where I could run someone’s Bars, acknowledge I’d down it well, and congratulate myself for doing so… Say what?! So things can change? and I can be ok with them changing? It would seem so.

For at least the following 18/12’s, every time I found myself going into the wrongness of me – perhaps for something I forgot to do, something I said or didn’t say, for cancelling an event, etc etc. – I repeated the question…

What’s right about me I’m that not getting?

… and also …

What’s right about this that I’m not getting?

I’ve called this blog ‘Sailing the Cruise Ship of Wrongness‘. If a cruise ship, out in the middle of the ocean, has to turn around it takes it ages as it slowly and methodically turns degree by degree. THIS WAS ME! Slowly I turned from constantly berating myself for everything I considered I did or said wrong, which was the size of a mighty cruise ship, to recognising that I could have a different point of view and that I could celebrate me in all of my weirdness.

Now, I am more like a one-man canoe on a fast track slalom ride, navigating the crests of the waves and sticking my oar into the tide of change turning on a sixpence .

My invitation and question to you, lovely reader, is this…

Would you be willing to acknowledge that there may be limitations in your world?

…that these limitations, like cruise ships, require you to “stick at it”, or “hang in there”, in order to obtain the results that you know you truly desire?…

…and would you be willing to give that up now and start asking yourself, just as I did, What’s right about me that I’m not getting?