As we move into a realm of more possibility with COVID, more lockdown ease, more of a sense of things “returning to normal”, I’d like to update you all on the measures that I am taking within Deva Empowerment to keep myself and you, my lovely friends and clients, safe from potential harm.

I understand the underlying anxieties we all have in these strange times but, as it is not possible to have an Access Bars® session or training day whilst fully social distancing, please allow me to clarify what I have implemented in my workplace for our collective health and wellbeing…

The World Health Organisation have released an online training module, that I have completed, called Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for COVID-19 Virus which covers the steps and measures to be taken in order to create a safe and clean environment for both the workforce (me) and visitors (you). This document has helped guide me in the following steps.

As you may know, my training courses are conducted in The Goddess Collective therapy room located in central Chester. As the building within which I operate also accommodates several other independent businesses the building itself now has a hand sanitisation point located just as you come in the main entrance. I ask that you please use this when visiting.

To avoid the spread of potential infection from push plates and door handles all main through doors within the building are now propped open to save you from having to interact with them.
If, for whatever reason, one of these doors falls closed on you then please cover your hand (e.g. with a garment of clothing) to then open the door, and sanitise as soon as you can after that.

On arrival I will check your temperature. For any temperature recording 38.7C and above you will be refused entry and treatment on the grounds that you must seek medical advice as a rise in temperature may indicate an infection of some sort – REMEMBER that this infection may NOT be COVID-19 but that you should seek immediate medical advice regardless!

Within the Goddess Collective room itself you will have complete access to hand sanitiser and disposable face masks although I urge you to bring your own where you can.

There is a bathroom available in the building for your use where I myself will be frequently washing my hands – I encourage you to do the same.

I will have thoroughly cleaned my therapy couches prior to any treatments or on training days and will have cleaning sprays available for you to do this yourself if you so wish to.

I ask that you bring your own water bottle with you that you know is clean and safe for you to use. I will not be providing drinking utensils for the time being.

All payments must be made online prior to any training or treatment sessions. I will not be accepting cash for any services.

If you require a pillow for your head then it would be preferable for you to bring your own. A blanket to cover yourself during the treatment, or on the course, is also advised.

If you are visiting as a client then I will send you a form to fill in prior to your treatment which you can print off, fill in and bring with you on the day.

Regardless of all of these measures the one thing that I would urge you to do more than any other is to follow your own knowing and act accordingly. If you knowingly have any of the COVID-19 symptoms; high temperature, persistent dry cough, loss of taste and/or smell, etc., then please seek medical advice and self isolate for the recommended period of time.

Unusual times call for unusual measures and how does it get any better than this?