How are you in this latest lockdown in England or anywhere else for that matter? For me, I am choosing to recalibrate and refocus my course in life. I’m not waiting for New Year. It starts now. My bigger and better life is happening, right now.

Recently I saw a post on Facebook where the person was thanking everyone for all the birthday wishes she had been sent. This person has a wonderful way with words and I find her writing style very engaging. One word that popped for me more than any other in her post was the word ‘Recalibrate’.

As I saw it, I suddenly had the realisation that this was the word that I had been seeking. For some time now we have heard the phrase ‘new normal’ and this didn’t sit with me. Something about it was wonky.

When I saw the word recalibrate, I got it. With everything that has happened this year, 2020, what are the adjustments that are required?

I saw it as though I was on a journey in my car and my sat-nav suddenly said, “Rerouting due to traffic”. In this case “Rerouting due to COVID-19”.

So, in true Access Consciousness style I began to ask questions and here are some of them …

  • What are the new challenges and possibilities in all of this?
  • What works for me now?
  • What areas of my life are asking for clarity right now?
  • Where do I need to be bold in my choices?
  • Where am I over complicating this?
  • What would life be like if I chose ‘simple’, with total ease?
  • What can be left alone now?
  • What requires me to say no where I would have said yes before?
  • What requires me to say yes where I would have said no before?

I am choosing to look beyond the overwhelm and anxiety that I am all too aware of that is happening for many people. I am choosing to go beyond the wonkiness and apparent brokenness that many people I know are talking about.

I am all in with my course correction, different direction and recalibration.

If you could recalibrate your own unique personal sat-nav right now, what course would you take?

Which areas of your life are asking for change and recalibration right now?

Which areas of your life are demanding that you recalibrate and find YOUR path, YOUR way through all of this?

Are you all in? It’s ok if you’re not. You will find your way in your time at your pace.

It’s all about choice and what is going to work for you going forward.

I wonder what you are capable of that you’re not acknowledging?

I am all in and truly ready to commit to my life. I have no idea right now what this will show up like. I do believe that the universe offers infinite possibilities and I am retuning and recalibrating me as it’s time to live the biggest and best life that I possibly can.

I love the book ‘The Home of Infinite Possibilities’, written by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer. They talk about how playing small and boxed in really doesn’t suit you and ultimately won’t work for you.

If you are at all interested in expanding you and living your bigger and best life, then I highly recommended that you grab yourself a copy of this book, read it and tell all your friends about it.

Here’s a link to the Access Consciousness shop where you will find this book and many others … https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/shop-catalog/book/the-home-of-infinite-possibilities-621c2383/

With ease, tranquility and recalibration

Denise xxx