Dear You,

What’s the definition of  a problem?

Here, I’ll assist  –

‘a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome, eg “they have financial problems”.

In this reality we are taught to ‘solve’ problems as though everything that shows up in our life is a maths class. This means that we have to use our brains and our mind to try to solve life’s ‘problems’.

This tends to limit what can show up. If you could think yourself out of your problems wouldn’t you have already done this by now?

In Access Consciousness language we look at it in the following way. You take all of your creative energies and try to think your way to possibility. This creates stress in your body, and you begin to feel fatigue and body shutdown that can often turn to depression and other stress-related symptoms.

I know something of this. I eventually recognised that all the thinking I was doing in an attempt to sort stuff out was leading to over thinking, which led to anxiety and panic attacks. Using the tools of Access Consciousness® I began to learn another way that showed me a way to deal with the stress I was choosing, question my points of view and be open to the possibilities that the universe was showing me.

So, I ask you, what points of view do you have that are creating and holding your problems in place?

Someone once said to me, “Denise, there’s no such thing as a problem. A problem is a possibility in disguise.”  I have to be honest with you it was at the start of my journey with Access and I wanted to smack him! I refrained, you’ll be glad to hear, and instead asked what he meant by ‘a problem is a possibility in disguise’.?

So next week, how about we take a look at possibilities?

With ease, joy, glory, smiles and contributions,

Denise x

PS – I invite you join me next week while I discuss possibilities in the next blog.?

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