Several weeks ago I had a conversation about the governments guidelines/restrictions. For some the information created a guidance system. For others restriction of their freedom.

What I did notice was that some folks worried about getting things wrong or others their opinion was always right. For me I was pragmatic, using my awareness and taking the precautions where I considered necessary and the ones that I got would work for me with no expectation that anyone else would do the same.

When I came to Access Consciousness I had to be taught or is that re-learn what awareness is for me. For many, and I include myself here, we have to be handed it, reminded that we had it all along  and then practice using it again. Pressing the awareness re-start button if you like.

For me awareness created such a change in my world. 

For once I recognised how folks wanted me to be with them and if I wasn’t with them then I must automatically be against them. I used to wonder what was wrong with me for me just being me. I spent a long time in the judgement of me for not siding with the people who were so adamant of the rightness of their opinion.

Awareness is something that is fleeting, a moment, a whisper that is so easy to miss when you’re not being you. It’s so easy to miss when you’re swept up in the tide of other people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions being impelled at you as judgements.

For such a long time I crept into a shell of self-imposed wrongness of me until the day I got it. We are judged and in return we judge. It’s what we are taught to do. It’s an integral part of this reality to judge and be judged. Our judgements can be both positive and very often negative. You’re either with us or you’re against us. The cruelest judgements of all are often the ones we tell ourselves, the ones no one else hears.

Enter an Access Consciousness conversation or at least my version of it

Imagine if you will that you are a rock in a stream. You can be any size or shape that you like. Just get a picture of that rock, it’s colour and where it’s positioned in that stream. 

Now notice the stream. Is the stream flowing around you? Is it crashing against you? Are you in danger of being swept away by the turbulence of the stream or are you rock-steady and calm in the face of whatever is being impelled at you? 

As you are the rock look closely at the stream. How much of this stream is about the people you know insisting that you must align and agree with them or else? Take another look at the stream and become aware of where you have resistance or reaction to the opinions of others that are heading towards you. What do you see? What do you hear? How much ease do you have with the stream? As you see it coming towards you can you be aware of the expectations, stay strong, pragmatic and let it flow on by? 

Doing this doesn’t mean that you have no points of view of your own. In fact the total opposite. You actually get to know, along with your awareness, what your points of view actually are and you begin to speak from the truth of you in a way that is honoring of you and a kindness for you, regardless of what others may be saying and doing around you. So , I invite you now to press your awareness re-set button and never get washed away again by others’ stream of opinions and judgements as.

What else is possible beautiful Deva’s?