Remember to get the support you need that supports you as you move forward with your grief and loss.

I would like to particularly commend Denise on her approach in the breakout group.  She had a quick chat with us to check we were comfortable with the practice, gave us some tips and guidance, and was then very unobtrusive during the session.  Afterwards we had time for a short debrief together too.

Ruth, New Zealand. Havening Techniques Student. October 2022



Sooooooo just some feedback after my session with you about my fear of going in the sea…………..been in TWICE so far on our jollies on Croatia and planning another dip before coming home tomorrow! THANK YOU soooooooo much! Hope all good with u? Sending love xx

 A. Gill, Shropshire. 2022


I really enjoyed being introduced to Havening Techniques® by Denise. A technique with a scientific basis really appealed to me and I looked forward to each session knowing no matter how I arrived, I would leave with a sense of calm. Denise has such a gift whereby she is able to tailor each session depending on what is presented by the client and I loved the way she explored, questioned and gently challenged my thinking, offering me helpful alternate perspectives. I would highly recommend this technique to anyone looking for a gentle yet highly effective way to clear any blocks, reframe unhelpful thoughts and live a more resilient life.

 M. Burrows, Get Inspired Coaching – 2022


 I’ve recently had a Havening session with Denise and oh my word it was amazing! I was really stressed out and in a panic mode about a situation in my life that didn’t seem to have a solution. Denise helped me to release all those emotions completely and I ended up laughing by the end of the session! 😊 And in my newly acquired calm state of mind, I was able to find a creative solution to my problem the very next day. I highly recommend Denise and her magic therapy.

 S. Furyova, Tru Dru Yoga, Uxbridge – 2022


Working with Denise was one of the simplest and yet most powerful therapies I’ve experienced. The techniques of Havening are gentle and respectful, and the outcome thought provoking and long lasting. I thoroughly loved working with Denise, and highly recommend everyone gets the chance to.

 Susanna Walton, Knutsford. 2022


When I was lucky enough to be introduced to Denise, I had no idea about Access Consciousness whatsoever.  Like many others, I had had my fair share of less than happy experiences along the way, including a traumatic divorce and the diagnosis of a brain tumour.  Neither of which had made an appearance in my bucket list of the top ten things to achieve before I pop my clogs!

Denise came into my world with a whole new language; asking ‘what else is possible and how does it get any better than this?’ and  I have to admit that I was intrigued by this awesome human who literally oozed happiness and had a natural ‘joie de vivre’ about her!  Whatever Denise was on that enabled her to see the possibilities in life, and allowed her to turnaround the mindset of ‘wrongness’ into one of ‘strongness’, I wanted to be on it too!

I began having regular Coaching sessions with Denise every week, where we’d talk through what had happened during the previous week and anything that this had brought up.  In particular, Denise gave me a selection of different Access tools to use as the weeks went on and I was set homework to use them as and when needed and I’d report back on my success or otherwise during the following session.

Some of the sessions we had included relaxation meditations which were amazing.  Denise recorded these and I still play them most nights before I go to sleep as I find that they have a profoundly positive effect in silencing my unwanted brain chatter and bringing me to a place of calm and deep relaxation.

I’m not a believer in ‘easy fixes’ and I have to admit that I had some weeks where I had better results than others, but of course, I was only just learning about Access Consciousness and it’s amazing tools.  Sometimes we really do need to take the infamous ‘one step forward and two steps back’ at the start of our journey.  But the knowledge that we will get there in the end and be in a much better place mentally and emotionally, is worth its weight in gold.

Sitting here, after working with Denise for the past 15 weeks, I am proud and really delighted to report that I’ve noticed many changes in my thoughts, emotions, words and actions when life throws it’s inevitable curve balls at me.

The Course comes with PDF pages to print out and keep and these build up into a really useful reference/tool kit, so that when things go wrong in future, which let’s face it, the Law of Averages says they’ll probably do so at some point, I just need to dip in and pick out the best tools for the job.

Is it worth taking the chance and signing up to begin to transform your own life?  Hell yes!  Just do it!

How does it get any better than this, and what else is possible?


Karen, Chester – July 2021

I first had my bars run during an especially stressful time for me and the sense of calm and clarity to thinking afterwards was like nothing I had ever experienced.
It was like all the noise in my head had been switched off and after having my bars run a few more times with the same results I knew I had to learn more which is why I signed up for the training.
The training day was fabulous – learning to run the bars was as satisfying as having my own bars run and the additional Access Consciousness tools we explored have been built into my day to day life.
I am only at the start of my journey but already things which seemed insurmountable only weeks ago have been resolved and I am much calmer, peaceful and making better decisions. I don’t know where I go next yet but I do know that Bars will be a part of my life forever’.


Jenny, North Wales. August 2020

After my first Bars session I sat up on the bed and try to understand what just happened?!

It was good, it was weird.  I experienced many things during and after my first session. So I looked at the head chart banner and I was thinking how hard can it be this to learn?

So after a couple of days I found Denise and book myself in for a Bars class in Chester. I was so excited because I wanted to learn and show other people what I experienced.

The class was amazing, Denise is amazing. I run my family, friends and a few clients Bars and it was so good to see how different they were after the session.

I started to follow more facilitators watched many videos and decided to be a Bars Facilitator.

I’ve done my other 2 classes in one week so here I am😊. I am a Bars Facilitator and I love it. I am more aware with everything, I feel that I can manifest anything what I want.

My mum attended Denise’s class too and she loved it. She knew more about Bars and a few Access tools because of me but it was magical for her. Since the class she is much more happier and aware too.

Thank you

Reni Rovo, Southport. August 2020

Well, after the session, I felt a strange sense of peace – and even though things have been stressful on the surface (work deadlines, arranging Hannah’s new school with resistance from her father) and I was tempted to dip into depression and victimhood, I have felt a sense of buoyancy which has kept me afloat, even when I have wanted to give in.
I have been able to accept the AC truths more easily – and it feels like life is flowing with greater ease.
The session with you was hand-on-heart the most relaxing experience I have ever had.
But I am desperate for more healing – and so impatient – so much so that I would book a session every week if I could afford it! You have a great gift and it was a privilege to receive from you.

S. Dodd – Southport. June 2018

I first met Denise of Deva Empowerment, at a Green Pages networking event in Chester, in April.
It was at this event that I experienced a mini Bars swap session.
After we paired up another lady ran my Bars and I became aware of a beautiful big ball of yellow light in my third eye and lots of gorgeous purple light coming towards me as she started running my Bars.
As everyone changed to a different set of Bars, under Denise’s instruction, everything flowed away and I stayed relaxed and went with it.
It was very lovely and relaxing as you can see from the photograph that was taken of me looking very, very relaxed and enjoying the process.
About ten minutes afterwards I could feel my eyes filling up with tears and I stopped myself from crying. What was this? And I don’t do crying.
I arranged my training day and had my Bars run on my training day and my eyes were physically leaking, not crying, leaking.
Somehow I had this awareness that I knew a massive blockage had been shifted.
And over the coming days and weeks I realised that when I was widowed ten years ago, after about twelve weeks or so my mum had said, “You have to pull yourself together now and stop crying”. I was actually sick of crying by this point and also thinking, “Come on now, big girls don’t cry”. I saw this as a sign of weakness. I stopped myself crying and from getting upset.
After I had my Bars run on my training day I realised that I had stifled other emotions as well. Any heightened emotion I stopped, for example, joyous laughter. This was something I was aware of before I had my Bars run, I didn’t laugh out loud as much as my husband and daughter did watching something funny. I was aware that something was funny but I didn’t let myself fully go and enjoy the moment.
Now that I’ve had my Bars run and that blockage has gone and I can laugh out loud and sing, a whole new level of awareness has happened.
It has taken me ten years to grieve and now that that process is over, thanks to having my Bars run, it’s like a massive new beginning for me.
How does it get any better than this?

Denise Allen – St Helens.  June 2016

I filled in the online survey for you, with all good comments of course. One thing I noticed was when I close my eyes normally I see blurs of light and colour, flashes and floaters etc but after bars yesterday it was like looking at a shimmering moonlit pool. V pretty There is less of the constant chatter going on in my head, too.
I definitely feel as though my life is moving forward, in a good direction, and fast. Since Moira introduced me to it I have started putting things in motion that I’ve been thinking about for a while. When I focus on it, like now while I’m talking about it, I feel like I’m flying. I feel I could go faster if I wanted to but I want to take it slowly and make sure I take it all in and do it right.
Thank you for facilitating this for me

Ruth Muirhead – June 2015