Dear You,

This week let’s take a look at possibilities and going beyond the problems we consider we have.

One way of getting out of the entrainment of always seeing things as problems is to start to look at how in every problem there is a possibility, if you’re willing to perceive it! Often our ‘problems’ highlight that we have a lack of information or knowledge of some sort. Unfortunately, we’re not taught to trust our awareness and instead we are taught to judge situations instead. Judgement always contracts the energy of a situation and puts limitations on our awareness.

It is so easy to get bogged down in problems and solving those problems, only to find that they never actually go away, they just show up in a similar fashion somewhere else. Take last week’s definition of problem – ‘a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome’ and  the example of ‘they have financial problems’. What if there was nothing to overcome? What if by asking questions without expectations or definitive answers, we could go beyond the things we call problems in a way we’ve never known before.

What if having financial problems, or any named problems, is more about not having the information and knowledge required to know what is required to change the outcome? What if asking questions, as we do in Access Consciousness® could open doors of possibility, would you choose this different perspective?

I am always asking to create greater. What would it take for today to be greater than yesterday? And then being open to the possibilities that may show themselves to me.

I am always asking for more possibilities to show up. What are the infinite possibilities available to me today? I get to choose in a way that goes beyond problem solving.

When I’m asking these questions, I’m coming from a place of out creating myself with no judgement attached, with no conclusion attached, while being aware of the expectations and projections of others around me who will judge me for asking for something different.

Here’s a question that is a great way to start changing your perceptions should you wish to choose this. Would you have less to stress about if you always knew that possibility was just around the corner?

Stressing less has brought me to a place of ease and calm in a way that I’ve never experienced in my life before Access Consciousness and the tools I choose to use on a daily basis. I actually get to enjoy my life and so can you. I get to smile so much more now. If I can choose beyond anxiety and get happy, I know that you can.

With ease, joy, glory, smiles and possibilities,

Denise x

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