In the summer of 2007 I was bitten on my right eyelid, and I always say by a mosquito. This tiny red dot sat there for some weeks. As the weeks progressed I began to feel as though I had the flu without any runny nose type symptoms.  My body ached. It was such a sucky time. Talk about at a low ebb. Talk about struggling. Boy, was I?

I am including a couple of photos here. They’re not pretty. The tiny red dot began to spread. It was nine months before I got a diagnosis of Lyme’s disease and the tiny red dot had spread all the way down my body. I was a wreck of a person on every level by this time.

When I got the diagnosis I had to stand my ground with the consultant I saw who didn’t want to say I had Lyme’s disease. Eventually his simple testing confirmed the diagnosis and several months of antibiotic treatment followed until the skin lesions disappeared. I was left with chronic fatigue, which lasted for years. I have total sympathy with those who are experiencing long Covid at the moment.

To say that my mental health suffered like at no other time in my life is an understatement. I now realise just how stressed my body was, dealing with everything that the disease was throwing at it, plus the well-meaning and mis-placed  comments of people around me. Everyone has an opinion of what you ‘should’ do. Right? Whether that opinion was given with kindness, suggestions from people who were entrenched in the medical profession and couldn’t get their heads around why I would choose alternative therapies (fast forward to now and these ‘wacky’ modalities are more mainstream), or anything else, I KNEW I had to step up. This became a time of transformation for me. I began to trust me and my knowing.

I began to choose to spend money on my mental health.  I paid for sessions with coaches, therapists, going on courses and of course reading many books about self-healing. All of this led me to eventually become the certified facilitator that I am with Access Consciousness®

I know for a fact that without the intervention, beyond the medical profession, and recall I was a nurse so came in for critics from nurse colleagues and friends at the time about my choices; I began to trust me more and more. yes I spent money on this. And yes I would do it all again.

I strongly recommend to you that no matter what you are struggling with from day-to-day somewhere there is a coach, therapist, facilitator or trainer that is the one for you. You may take yourself along some dead ends at times. Trust that somewhere along that path there is something that you are meant to learn about you.

With ease, trust and empowerment



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