What on earth am I saying when I say this?, “It’s all been done for me, and not to me”?

The day that I realised that I was holding the reins and if that was the case then the course of my life was over to me, was the day I fully chose to live and step up into the me I am today. That day was the day that no-one else could do anything to me that I wasn’t willing to do for myself.

I recognised that if I was a good listener it was time to listen to me and my desires and stop putting myself out for other people. I had to begin with me. I had to recognise when I was being obliging for obliging’s sake. This all happened before I found Access Consciousness. My belief is that I had to experience what I did in order to get to Access Consciousness and choose the change in me that has far exceeded anything I could have imagined back then.

Everything that I have experienced in my life has got me to the strength of me. Every experience I have had has brought me to the power and potency of me. I can now with honesty say how much I trust my knowing and that no matter the challenge that comes at me I am strong, physically, mentally and emotionally. This is why I say that all of this has been done FOR me, not to me.

Access Consciousness and the many courses I have been on showed me a way that works for people who know, and often don’t like to admit to themselves let alone anyone else, that they are different.

One of the very first of the Access Consciousness books that I read was Dr Dain Heer’s book, ‘Being You, Changing the World’. when I read Chapter Three of this book the changes in my life ramped up and `I knew’ that I was more than the chronic fatigue I was identifying myself as. There is a question on page 69 that asks, “What if it’s that you haven’t been given the right tools?”

The chapter goes onto talk about the difference between our bodies and the energy that we be. This was such a game changer for me. if I had heard this before, it hadn’t registered. I got it when I got it. I am also so grateful to Dr Dain for his words, the possibilities this book presented to me and to me for choosing to use the tools and create greater.

Saturday 22nd May marks the very first ‘International Being You’ day. I would like to extend my congratulations to Dr Dain Heer and his team of magical beings for this creation.

If you would like to read Dr Dain’s book then here is a link where you can choose to buy a copy


With infinite choice and possibilities


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