Day 1
Welcome to Day 1 of 30 tools of Access Consciousness gifted to you from me as a celebration and acknowledgment of the 6 challenging and life-changing years that I have been choosing the tools of Access Consciousness.

What is Access Consciousness? Access Consciousness is an invitation to you to truly create a different reality for you, for me, for all of us. It is a set of tools and processes that if implemented and practiced can change almost anything.

This modality is about accessing a level of consciousness that includes everything and judges nothing. Including everything and judging nothing may appear to be a tall order and yet the more I be and do the processes and use the tools the more ease I have with including everything and judging nothing. More on judgment later this month.
Gary Douglas the founder of Access Consciousness believes that everyone has the ability to be present in their own lives in every moment. That it is possible to awaken to more of you without judgment of you, anyone else or anything else.

Gary Douglas has been a seeker all his life and with his energy of never giving up, never giving in and never quitting the gift of Access Consciousness has been developed over the last thirty years. The co-creator of Access Consciousness, Dr Dain Heer, was on the verge of giving up, that is he was contemplating his own suicide, when he followed an energy, a knowing, an awareness, that led him to experience Access Bars® and any of the other Access Consciousness courses that were available to him at the time.

And then there is my story. I came to Access Consciousness six years ago this month, April. I would be told by friends and clients that I brought a sense of ease and calm to their world when they were with me. Only the last thing I was was calm. I was wound up so tightly and anxiety was my default position. I have experienced various illnesses with the one that was the most crippling was Lyme’s disease. Once I eventually got a treatment for this I was also experiencing chronic fatigue. I did lots of courses, for example, Reiki, Psych K ( a form of kinesiology) and Emotional Freedom Technique also known as tapping. I began to get better and yet I couldn’t ease the fatigue. It was as though this was it. Early to bed, late to rise and a nap almost every afternoon.

Long story short I was introduced to the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness, six years ago, via someone, I had met a couple of years previously and she was now so different from the person I had originally met. She had gone from super quiet to being out there. Whatever this change was it was what I desired and hadn’t yet been able to access. I took an Access Bars® training day with her and that day my life changed. I went from weary and exhausted to calm and vibrant. It was magic.

Over this next month I will share with you the magic tools that can change anything. I invite you to join me every day this month of April when I will share an Access tool, an Access question an insight and more. I will talk about the Access Bars® modality later this month.

Tomorrow, the mantra of Access Consciousness.