How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator? 

This is a question that I will answer in parts and  I’ll share with you moments and the journey that I  have been on and who I am today. 

I am often heard to say that I have had many careers. My first was as a nurse. I trained at Manchester Royal Infirmary many many years ago now. After my registered qualification I specialised in Orthopedic Nursing and later still in District Nursing and what was then known as Family Planning. 

My next career was and still is, to a much lesser degree now, as a mother to three awesome children all grown and getting on with their lives. 

What surprises many people to hear is that I often say that my third career was doing illness really really well. One thing after another, which I was to come to realise was all based in stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Illnesses such as, IBS, intense PMS with lots of pain and mood swings, an early menopause (all done and dusted by age 42), a frozen shoulder and one of the most prolonged of my bouts of illness, Lyme’s disease. 

Lyme’s disease affected me initially via my skin, then I developed multiple chemical sensitivity, joint pains, generalised pains and my sleep pattern was all over the place. It took nine months for me to get a diagnosis. By this time I also had chronic fatigue which lasted for many years. I consider this one of those moments in time where eventually I knew that the only person who could help me was me.

I made a commitment to myself to read everything I could about illness and our bodies. I immersed myself in course after course and sought many treatments from many practitioners. The profession I started out in, nursing and the NHS, couldn’t help me. There wasn’t a pill for what ailed me. 

What I came to realise was that I could take all the tablets or supplements in the world but if I wasn’t addressing the one thing that was holding me back, my mind and the conversations it had with me, no amount of dietary change, while beneficial in many ways, was going to give me the energy and zest for life I truly desired. 

After all at this time I had three children all in their teenage years and I was like a wrung out rag, pouring from an empty pot and totally burnout by this stage.

Then one day I had the epiphany. I had been attending many courses all over the country in my search for relief. I knew that in my case there was only me who could change me. I also knew that I didn’t have the information I required to implement the change I was so hungry for. 

I attended a course in Psych-K organised by the Nutritional Healing Foundation where I had taken my nutritional diploma and I was now studying with them to become a tutor. In Psych-K (a form of kinesiology) statements are made and the body muscle tested for it’s response. This form of therapy by-passes the mind and gets it’s answers straight from the body. In order to get to the point an opposite question is also asked. 

The life changing statements that my body was asked where ‘I want to live’ and ‘I want to die’. My body overwhelmingly reacted in the affirmative to I want to die. I wasn’t surprised. I often had the thought that there must be 90 year olds on the planet that had more energy than me.

While Psych-K awakened something in me, the change that I was looking for wasn’t long lasting and more courses were to come.

Eventually I met Fiona Cutts. When I first met her, at an EFT, also known as tapping, training course, Fiona was quiet, weary and lacklustre. She had been diagnosed with ME. I friended her on Facebook and didn’t see much of her until one day when she began conversations and my body responded to what she was saying. After some time I contacted her to find out what had brought on the change in her outlook on life and found myself invited to a course where I was introduced to the tools of Access Consciousness®. Shortly after this I did my first day of Access Bars® training and the rest as they say is history. That was in 2014. 

My mental strength and life quite literally changed for the better from that point on. 

As I recognised the benefits of using the tools of Access for myself, more ease, less of a racing brain, a kindness to me I had never known before, I knew that I was going to be committed to offering Access Consciousness® courses for the rest of my professional life. This heralds the beginning of my fourth career at a time when retirement was on the horizon. 

Since then I have studied steadily to become and maintain my license as an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, worked with hundreds of private clients, trained many people to become Access Bars practitioners and facilitators, spoken to many groups about the benefits of Access Consciousness tools and I strive to be the best facilitator I can possibly be to all who seek facilitation from whatever is ailing them.

What is it about Access Consciousness® that you love so much? 

By using the tools of Access Consciousness everyday I have created me as I always knew was possible – calm, happy and so, so glad to be alive.  

Access Consciousness tools and techniques brought me back to life. I get up every day being grateful to be me and I look forward to the day ahead with ease and calm instead of dread and worry. 

The tools and techniques of Access took me out of constantly being in the wrongness of me and I got to find the strongness and magic I truly be. 

I have been able to give up the desire to be liked and constantly being a people pleaser in order to be liked. I won’t be liked by everyone. I am however liked by me. I have never been more grateful to be me than I am right now. 

Every day I get up and I ask how can today be better than yesterday?  

What are the infinite possibilities available to me today? 

And then I get grateful for everything that comes my way.

Who are your clients? 

My clients are predominantly women aged 40 years and above who are to a greater or lesser degree experiencing mental stress and are looking to change this. Many can’t fully articulate the problem; they just know that something is preventing them from living a happy and extraordinary life. They desire to wake up in the morning and have an ease and a calmness that gets them through the day rather than the throb and buzz of anxiety that they have been waking up and living with for so long. 

These women range in professions from teachers, to full time mothers, to self employed therapists and coaches and many times they are a mix of full or part-time employed or self-employed, mother, wife, partner, carer to an aging relative and so on. So much to do and no time for themselves to focus on what it is they truly desire.  

Many of the therapists and coaches go on to do their Access Bars® training with me as they realise the swiftness of results that they too can get with their clients. 

For yet others they take the opportunity to train with me so that what they learn may benefit not only themselves but also their extended families and friends as well as beginning a new career as an Access Bars practitioner. 

New to 2021 is the Deva Empowerment membership, “The No-Nonsense Transformation Club’ created for women who know that they work well in groups and with an element of accountability. This is a monthly membership where no life topic is off the table.

    Do you work with women under the age of 40 and men? 

    I absolutely do and love doing this. Age or gender are not limiting factors here. I have worked with mothers and their children as a combined unit. There is no discrimination here.

    It just so happens that the majority of people who seek my facilitation are women who are over 40.

    What my clients, of any age, have found is the fresh perspective that I bring to their stress relief seeking process.

    I offer resources, tools and techniques that they have never heard of and yet bring quite rapid relief to their issues as long as they  implement the resources offered with diligence and determination.

    My clients discover that there is a reciprocal energy between the universe and themselves.

    What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

    The Deva Empowerment courses, workshops, membership and private sessions are created for people who are excited and very serious about creating the shift in their health and well-being that they desire.

    In Access Consciousness we say that Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. So whether you are super shy or super outgoing you can still be experiencing mental stress in some area of your life and wishing you had the information and tools that would gain you a shift to mental strength.

    Having been the person who has put in the hours to get myself to a level of mental strength that has surpassed my own expectations, I am inviting you, if you are ready to take the necessary steps, to discover what action you need to take to develop your mental strength.

    I have no expectations of you. What I show you is that we all have choices, greater than we ever imagined that we may not have stepped into yet.

    What type of person is the bespoke facilitation session NOT going to work for?

    Please know that I will be gently selective in who I work with as a private client. Some people will not be suited to my programmes, my way of challenging your limiting beliefs and the results that you expect. It wouldn’t be fair on either of us as this is like setting you up to fail and me to disappointment as a facilitator.

    The Deva Empowerment  programmes are not for the skeptical who want me to prove something about myself and how I work or the tools I use. Also, if you are someone who knows before you even ask to speak to me that you won’t complete any action plans that we craft then you are wasting your money and my time. I know that we wouldn’t work well together, with both of us experiencing some degree of frustration along the way.

    One more thing to consider. You may wish to change, know that you require this, but consider that my charges are too high or you are experiencing financial restrictions of some sort. I would not wish you to embark on a programme with me while all the while wondering how you are going to pay your next bill. I’ve been there. There is no judgement from me, just a realisation that in these circumstances you won’t give your all. To this end you can find tools that may help to shift some of your stuckness in the FREE downloads section of my website here.

    When something shifts for you then get back to me. Please don’t rush this process. I intend to be around for a good while yet.

      What is the Deva Empowerment system and what does it include? 

      The Deva system of programmes is about empowering you to know that you know what it is that you desire and require to live your most fulfilled life. Where are you right now and where do you truly wish to be? 

      Having consistently strong mental health instead of mental stress, anxiety and overwhelm requires steady and diligent application of the tools and techniques that are offered to you.  

      Here is what the Deva system asks you to do and we go through this in no particular order during our sessions. All is available to you  and we start with where you are right now: 

      1.  Curiosity 

      Get curious. Invite yourself to this in depth, deep dive of a personal exploration. In order to know where you are you have to take stock of the situation that you find yourself in and who you find yourself with. This is not where you think you should be in life or where you hope and dream that you may be. This is a no holds barred, right where you are, right here, right now invitation to dig deep and unearth the beliefs that have shaped you to date and now are no longer serving you. The cultural norms that you have accepted and now are beginning to recognise no longer serve you.

      Get curious about it all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

      2.  Trust you

      How often have you followed someone else’s well-meaning advice instead of your inner knowing? We are going to discover that you can trust yourself in totality and without judgement of your choices. We will work on the most intimate of relationships of all, the one that you are refusing to have with you. By trusting you, you will begin the process of communing with every molecule in the universe, which is a great space to begin the process of peace of mind and building mental strength.

      3.  Asking Questions

      In Access Consciousness we question everything. We question our choices and challenge everything we have been and have done to this point in our boxed in, narrow minded life. Our aim is to shatter the reality that you think you know in favour of one that will actually work for you. What is it that you are choosing that is limiting you? We ask about what appears normal and yet you know that you are not normal and don’t quite fit with this reality. In fact you are really quite weird in your own way and have only allowed this to show occasionally. There will be many questions asked using the Access Consciousness system of asking questions. Asking questions becomes one of the greatest tools you will learn during our time together. Ask of the Universe, again and again and again. The Universe truly has your back. You just haven’t allowed yourself to tune in to this capacity yet.

      4.  Process and Processes

      It’s a process. It may be messy. There may be tears. There will be challenges. There will also be laughter. You may screw up. However you will learn to let go of the end goal and focus on the process of unearthing you.  This is where you begin to learn to embrace, “What next?” and enjoy it. We will recognise the rules that you have been living with for what they are, total bullshit. This is where you will learn where you haven’t been willing to take full responsibility for you. This is where we stop pretending that you are like everyone else. This is where you learn about the Access Consciousness  clearing statement and the power and potency of a string of words as glass ceilings begin to be shattered all around us. The processes and tools we use encourage you to let go of your walls and barriers that you have erected that lock in the fear and are keeping you stuck and unhappy.

      5.  Tools

      There are many tools in Access Consciousness, for instance, ‘Light and Heavy’. This is one of the tools that you are going to learn about and learn how to use in every situation you find yourself in. Have you noticed that what you resist persists and you create more resistance? By using this tool you will get to the lightness of you rather than the heaviness of the resistance you have been used to using. Choosing the lightness of you, the enlightened being you truly be is encouraged to emerge. This may take time or it may happen as if by magic. Neither is right or wrong.

      6.  Action

      You are the source for creating the change you desire. You will be encouraged to take action in between the sessions that you choose to book with me. You will be encouraged to take imperfect action over and over again. Taking action will include you using the tools that have been carefully selected for you. Without action there will be no change. My desire for you is that you embrace the change. If you wish to go beyond your stuckness, your lack of motivation, your doubt and worrying, your jumpy nervousness, then you will have to take action. Some action will be you looking at your points of view about your situation. Other action may include listening to me via a guided meditation. This is where you get to pivot or you may think of it as changing tracks. As you take action, beyond your sessions with me, you will discover a willingness to challenge out dated beliefs, use the tools and discover more of who you truly be.

      7.  Being You – The inspiration and the greatness you truly be.

      Break free from this reality’s terms and conditions and adopt a new and expansive way of being. Being aware. Being open to possibilities. Being mentally stronger. Being mentally wealthier. Being the magic you truly be. Being empowered to be everything in life you wish to be. Being the inspiration and greatness for you and for others that you know is truly possible. How does it get any better than this? What are you that you’re desperately trying not to be? What if the purpose of life is actually to have fun? What if you being you is what this world requires right now? YOU in all your brilliance, your experiences, your challenges and your choices. What if now is the time?

      My target with you is this, I would like you to achieve the greatness of who you should be and so far have not known how to be. I would like to acknowledge you in all of your potency and magnificence. I would like to get you to a place where you can acknowledge you in all of your potency and magnificence too. 

      How quickly can I expect the change I desire?

      Well, this will depend on how long you have been experiencing your symptoms and any other treatments that you may be receiving. That said, watching people use the tools of Access Consciousness has brought change more rapidly for most people in the form of calmness, better sleep and more enjoyment of life consistently than any other modality I have encountered to date.

      What else can I expect from your programmes?

      What begins to happen for so many people who choose an Empowerment programme (and coaching with me) is something we refer to in Access Consciousness as ‘pops’.

      We begin to notice when something in our world pops for us. You may prefer to call it a light bulb moment or an AHA! moment.

      I suggest that you get ready to have a lot of these moments, as you put the tools that you haven’t been able to find until now, into action.

      Based on everything I’ve read and heard so far,  what are my options for getting started with you?

      First of all I would love to acknowledge you in all of this and your choice to get started with me.  I am so grateful.

      To get started with me so that you can go from mental stress to mental strength and discover your ease and tranquility you have several options to choose from:


      • There are Bespoke Coaching Sessions available in blocks of twelve sessions, four sessions or one session. I would highly recommend the twelve sessions as we can really deep dive into many of your issues, what to do, what to stop doing and you will of course receive many more tools than any of the other programmes. That said, the choice is yours in totality.
      • Workshops, both in person and online, are a great way to immerse yourself along with others in a specific topic that is stress or mental health related, for example, ‘From Stressed Out to Stepping Up’, ‘Money Troubles to Money Ease’, and many more  as the time is right to reveal them.
      • You already know that Access Bars® is your way forward and you would love to train with me. I offer at least one training day per month and usually on a Sunday.
      • A truly awesome way to deep dive using the tools of Access Consciousness is to immerse yourself in a four day The Foundation®, with me as your facilitator. This four day course contains so many tools and techniques and includes some of the truly awesome Access body processes. There is a prerequisite for this class and that is that you must have done a one day Access Bars® training day.
      • New to 2021 is ‘The No-Nonsense Transformation Club’. This is created for you if you wish to transform some aspect or perhaps more than one aspect of your life and as yet you haven’t found the tools that work for you.  Membership will only be open at certain times of the year.  #tnntclub

      If someone isn’t quite ready to dive in just yet what can they do about this?

      A way to get to know me and Deva Empowerment is to keep checking back on the website as regular changes and updates occur there, including the success stories of people who have already experienced one of the options available in the list above.

      Also signing up for our newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with us.

      On social media I can be found on Facebook as Deva Empowerment as well as on Instagram.

      When you are ready to choose beyond this and would like to know more or have questions to ask you can contact Denise via email at

      If you would like to get acquainted we can do this at a designated time and date using the Zoom platform and eventually, coming out of Covid and its restrictions, we may be able to meet over a cup of coffee. Check out the Deva calendar here and book your Get Acquainted Zoom. On a Zoom like this we can go through your different options to see what is the very best fit for you.

      I can’t wait to see you go from mental stress to mental strength, so that you get to live your extraordinary life.

      I am honored to be on this journey with you.

      Thank you.

      What else is truly possible now?

      Denise x