Right now I am sat on a bench by the river in Chester. The sun is shining and there is a light breeze rustling the trees around me. The occasional dog, no social distancing with dogs, and it’s walker scamper by after the briefest of introductions.

It’s a Monday afternoon when I would usually expect the riverside to be quiet, except we haven’t been experiencing usual times. We are emerging form the Corona Virus pandemic and when I say we I refer to the world. What if this will now be normal, a Monday afternoon that sounds like a weekend? 

I then realise that there’s a part of me that had an expectation of what normal would be like post-pandemic. What it would look like post-pandemic. Back to doing business face-to-face when Zoom has been great during the isolation time and I have actually enjoyed being on Zooms for meetings and courses. 

What if face-to-face is something I’ve come to expect – a predictability – no questions asked? What if it’s predictability that has been stopping me from reaching for and achieving more? What if it’s predictability that has stopped me from moving beyond what I have already created? What if predictability has been the barrier that it is now time to let go off, to drop and to break through? 

Who would I be if I wasn’t looking to the past to create my future? What would I action more of if I recognised when I was acting from predictability based on past events? Who would I be and what might I achieve above and beyond any expectations I have here?

I recently heard Simone Milasis of Access Consciousness® ask this question, “How much are you hanging onto the predictability of your life and living that you had before Corona Virus?”

I wonder what my life and living after Covid will look like when I give up attempting to create from the predictability of my past? 

What about you? 

Where do you recognise that you’re functioning from predictability in your life? 

How does it get any better than this?