“How many times should I get my Bars® run?” is a question that I am often asked.

The simple response to that question is this, “As often as you would like and require.”

For many people that want to be given a specific answer, “As often as you would like and require.”, doesn’t work for them.

So let me give you another way of looking at “How many times should I get my Bars® run?”.

Did you know that your brain is made up of many cells? One type of cell in the brain is the neuron. They are also found in the body. These cells transmit information around the body.

Neuroscientist, Suzana Herculano-Houzel,  Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University,  tells us that the human brain has 86 billion neurons. She has done the research that shows this number and you can find her talking about it on YouTube if this subject interests you.

Can you imagine how much information is carried by those neurons, all 86 billion of them?

Can you also imagine how much of that information is out of date and not serving you anymore?

Just like a computer our brains appreciate being cleaned up, having files and folders deleted, so that we can run better,  just like a computer will run faster,  when we delete files and folders that are only clogging things up.

How much of your out of date information would you like to delete? How quickly would you like to do this?

It’s your choice.

So how many sessions of Bars® do I need? As many as you would like. I would have my Bars® run every day if there was someone willing to touch my head and run them. Seriously, I would. That’s how amazing I find this modality.

With ease and calm, which are the sensations I experience when my Bars® are run.

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