Havening Techniques® – melt the stress and anxiety that has become encoded in your brain following a traumatic and stressful event or events, e.g. your experience of loss and subsequent emotions relating to your grief.


With Havening Techniques it is possible to go from negative memories and emotions to peace of mind and inner resilience in as little as three sessions and sometimes less. 




 In Depth

The word Haven means ‘a safe place’, a refuge or harbour.

When sessions of Havening are undertaken this is where you come to, a safe place or space. The haven that you are creating is within yourself. If you haven’t been able to think yourself out of your stress and anxiety and into this space then know that you are not alone. 

The stress and anxiety of grief that can result from any form of loss e.g. bereavement, unemployment, financial loss, illness or injury, relationship loss.

Grief due to the death of a loved one is my main area of interest.  

Grief can be so painful and have a devastating effect on us. While it is a common place occurrence we are often ill equipped to deal with the torrent of emotions that we experience. The death of a person we hold most dear, our spouse, a child, parents, friends can leave us wondering how we now navigate the rest of our lives. The shock, numbness and sadness can appear to be all consuming.  


How does Havening work?

 Approximately 20 years ago two Dr’s were having a conversation about how EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also referred to as tapping, actually worked. At the time tapping used an Eastern medicine terminology and described the changes that people experienced as ‘moving the qi’ or changing the energy within the person. 

The doctors in question were Dr Ron Ruden MD, the founder of Havening Techniques and Dr Paul McKenna, hypnotist and behavioral scientist. When Dr Ron observed and subsequently used EFT with his patients he wasn’t satisfied with the ‘qi’ explanation. As a doctor with an interest in neuroscience and neurobiology he went in search of what it was that was actually happening in our brain and body.

Dr Ron has a twin brother, Steven Ruden a dentist, who joined him on his search and in doing so has become one of the leading experts in treating dental phobias using Havening Techniques®



Delta Waves

This research began almost 20 years ago. Dr Ron focused his attention on Delta Waves. Delta waves are usually associated with sleep, but Dr Ron discovered that they could be created in other ways and that these delta waves could quite literally, at chemical level in the brain, melt the stress that we have created, or to be more scientific, encoded.

When we are experience a stressful situation gamma waves are produced in the brain. These gamma waves, similar to electrical currents, interact with chemicals and enzymes and quite literally lock, encode, the stress in place.  

Dr Ron discovered that the encoded stress could be  unlocked, or depotentiated, creating a safer, calmer inner environment, a haven, within ourselves when delta waves are produced.


Havening Touch and it’s healing power

 Havening Touch is at the heart of this modality. The three areas of touch, the face, upper arms and palms of the hand, are the areas that Dr Ron has researched and found to be the most stimulating for producing Delta Waves. 

Dr Ron discovered during his research that delta waves, along with other tools in this modality, quite literally persuade stress chemicals to give up their hold in the brain, at the ends of the neurons, to literally melt away, creating a calm and safe space where before there was only stress and anxiety.

Havening Techniques are sometimes called Delta Techniques®.  The techniques are designed to change the brain to de-traumatise the memory and remove its negative effects from both our psyche and our body.



The Amygdala is where it all begins. This unassuming part of the brain is the oldest part of the brain in the sense that it has been a part of our development since pre-historic times. It is referred to as the pre-historic brain or reptilian brain. We happen to share this brain part with every reptile on the planet. Its job is to warn us of danger. As you can imagine back in the day of T-rex this was a crucial element for survival. 

Unfortunately Amy doesn’t recognise the difference between actual danger and perceived danger. She sets of the alarm regardless as this is what she’s here for. With Havening Techniques many of the stress and anxiety type of problems encountered in todays society can be helped.


What Types of Problems Can Havening be Used for? (As described by havening.org)

 The consequences of traumatic encoding can be physical and psychological.

Havening has been shown to help with 

  • Phobias
  • Chronic pain
  • Distressing memories (broken relationships, shocking news, loss, embarrassment, etc)
  • Victims of natural disasters (hurricanes, floods etc) and man made (war, fire, assault, home intrusion, etc)
  • Anger-fear of abandonment
  • Stress
  • Self Esteem
  • Cravings
  • PTSD
  • Panic attacks
  • Sexual abuse
  • Performance enhancement
  • Public Speaking
  • Sports
  • Emotional eating

These are a few of the problems Havening could be used for. 

At www.havening.org  you will find much more information about the science and review testimonials as well.


Get support from a professional.

You can’t think your way out of the stressful situation that you keep on replaying in your mind. if you could you wouldn’t be where you are. These type of thoughts, feelings and emotions need something else. In Havening that something else is the creation of the delta brain waves, to unlock, to disperse, to melt away the molecules of stress and then prime in more useful thoughts and ones that allow us to have much more ease and calm as we go about our daily lives.


After all this if you have questions about this modality and the work I do then please be in touch.

At the moment I ask that you email me at deniseoliver@devaempowerment.com 


 With ease and kindness

Denise x