At the start of 2020 myself and several colleagues talked about what 2020 was going to mean to us.

2020 was talked about as being the year of visioning our future with total clarity, ie 2020 vision is having perfect vision when an eye test is performed. We can see clearly now that we’re in a year that has the numbers 2020. Hmm! 2020 had other ideas for us all.

We discussed creating courses based around our 2020 vision for 2020 and beyond, where we would look at our limiting beliefs and barriers to receiving all that the universe had to offer.

Well, who I wonder, ever truthfully imagined that 2020 would show up the way that it has? Corona Virus. Worldwide lockdowns. Travel restrictions. Empty shelves in supermarkets. So many hospitality businesses forced to close their doors. Queuing to get into supermarkets. The wearing of face masks so quickly incorporated into our daily lives, not just here in the UK, but also around the world. And so much more.

A very strange time indeed.

As this year has progressed, I have wobbled on several occasions where my business is concerned and yet, here we both are, connected and ready to create together in 2021.

What will 2021 look like? I wonder after 2020 if anyone would like to stick their neck out and comment on this one?

2020 showed me just how resilient I truly am. There have been setbacks and there have also been clear insights, 2020 vision even.

There have been friends lost and friends reconnected with.

There has been less face-to-face and more face-to-Zoom meetings.

My business has changed its website look and finally it has become clear to me what Deva Empowerment is truly about. If there is one thing I know about, it’s stress, overwhelm, anxiety and depression. I have experienced these conditions and I know that with tenacity that they can be quietened and even silenced. Thank goodness for the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness®

I know that no matter how broken and messed up you consider that you are that it is possible to change. As I have been told in Access sessions, it’s all a choice. I may not have liked being told that if I chose anxiety that I could choose calm instead. I did however, persevere with the tools and courses and calm and tranquility are for the most part the space that I be. And, yes, I still have my wobbly days that thankfully are few and far between now.

For so many years I have been told by clients how I have a very calming effect when they are with me. I invite you to connect with me. I invite you to choose to go from stress to tranquility. I invite you to enter 2021 knowing that this is the year that you will discover what tranquility is for you and that you are ready to say goodbye to stress and step into a different reality of being.

Happy New Year possibility playmates

With ease and endless magic to each and every one of you

Denise xxx