Today is World Happiness Day – YAY!

Smile and again, and again, keep smiling, ask the corners of your lips to go up and down, up and down. Now you’re properly smiling, aren’t you? You’re not?  What is that? What can be done about that?

How about you ask a question, such as  “Who does this belong to?”

Before you automatically say ‘Well, me’ stop! Before you decide you’re not happy or you’re having a bad day make sure you are not just surrounded by people who are unhappy! At least 98% of all your thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t actually belong to you. You pick them up from everyone around you. So, ask the question “Who does this belong to? Oh, it’s not mine, I don’t want it.” Push the unhappy and negative feeling back into the universe, get in touch with your happy and start sharing it.  #getyourhappyon

What Other Access Tools Can You Use to Get Your Happy On?

Get your Bars® run

What would it be like to gift your brain and body a holiday?

What would it be like for you to let go of all the stuff in your head that is weighing you down causing your brain to be frazzled?

Using 32 energy points on your head Access Bars® may help to release many of your points of view, values and beliefs that have become solidified over the years. This may bring you an ease and freedom you have never experienced before. Access Bars® is a wonderful way to find your happy fast. #getyourhappyon

To book an appointment to have your Bars® run email me

Have a Clarity Session – This does exactly what it says on the tin.

During the session, be it Zoom, Skype or face to face, I will assist you in finding more clarity, ’clearing’ specific areas of your life using the tools, techniques, and processes of Access Consciousness®. We can explore areas such as body, health, weight, money, relationships, stress, anxiety and so much more. This tool is about empowering you, allowing you to know what’s true and what works for you. What if you are more aware than you’ve never acknowledged? What if by choosing a clarity session you become more empowered to know that you know? What if you could access your happy with a clarity session? #getyourhappyon

To book a Clarity Session email me

One last tool from Access Consciousness that may help you get your happy on:

‘All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory’® – Say this 10 times in the morning and 10 times at night and invite the universe to contribute ease, joy, glory, empowerment, and exuberance to your WHOLE life. #getyourhappyon