We are co-creators of our reality whether we wish to acknowledge this or not. I know, a bold statement hey? Something, somewhere has kept me alive in spite of my many health challenges, accidents, and incidents along the way.

When the NHS couldn’t help me, this place where I had begun my working career, I had run out of medical/allopathic options.  This led me to recover me by simply following something many would call intuition.  The symptom soup I was functioning from appeared at first to be super dense and impenetrable.  Until I began to realise that if I dropped other people’s well meaning instruction and points of view I knew more than I had ever been willing to acknowledge. I knew on some level that I had always known this and yet I had never been willing to truly know and acknowledge it, until now.

I was taught that there was a pill for every ill … and if there wasn’t then there soon would be. There is no shortage of companies racing to find the magic bullet, the formula to cure everything and make lots of money doing so. Being taught that for every problem there is a solution does not take into account so much about us as human beings, consciousness, for instance, is left out of the equation in favour of assumption based on the latest scientific research.

Just because something – energetic magic – is unseen does this make it unknown? What are you aware of that you haven’t been willing to acknowledge until now?

I am no mathematician or physicist and yet as they, the mathematicians and physicists are conducting their experiments so that they may explain the intricacies of our universe, you like me may have a knowing that energetically we are connected.

Quantum physics has identified something called the Zero Point Energy Field – a sea of particles that lies beneath every point in the universe.  When this energy was first postulated it was thought that there would be no energy at Zero Point. Time and again this is proved not to be the case with instead an immense quantity of energy, a force, or some have described it as ‘light’, at this Zero Point.

Through my own health challenges, thank you my weird and wonderful body, I have met many unconventional people who have embraced their weirdness and learnt to work with this force, this light, this information and pass it on through their practices. From Kinesiology to Amatsu, to Acupuncture, Reiki and beyond, I have experienced energetic transformations that have left me seeking more.

The weirdest of all of these has to be Access Consciousness®. This weird and wonderful healing wisdom, using body processes, verbal processes and energetic processes, has magically, some may say miraculously, changed me, from a chronically fatigued, wondering how long it would be before death, the preferable option, would step in, into a bundle of joy and possibilities,  in a shorter space of time and in a way that all the other modalities could only skim the surface of.

Finding my weirdness and joy in the quagmire of craziness I was functioning from is something that anyone can also do. It’s a choice. If you wish to transform you into something way more unique, potent and empowered then consider consulting me about your options.

The tools and techniques of Access Consciousness that I offer, and use every day,  can transfer your life and living and how you see yourself in this world if you choose it.

With joy and magic, today and every day,


Chief Empowerment Officer and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator