During facilitation with a client, or on an Access course, we ask folks to ‘destroy and uncreate’.

For those who are new to Access Consciousness I will often say ‘let go of’, as it has a softer sound to it. We are looking to destroy and uncreate, to let go of, the limitations that we choose to live by.

When I ask the participants to destroy and uncreate, whatever the limitations are that are holding them back from the life and living that they truly desire, there can be sense of panic in their world. This is often linked to them recalling something from a science lesson and Einstein saying that energy is not destroyable. This is correct you can’t destroy energy and I’m not  destroying energy in the facilitation process.

What I am looking to do and achieve is to unfurl, unwrap, untie the knots and the kinks that have accumulated over time in your energy. We are energy. At our cellular level that is all there is, energy.

I often say that just like there are times when we give our homes lots of surface and superficial cleaning, then there are those times when you just know that a deep clean is the only thing that is going to give you the true cleanliness that you know you desire to happen. At the back of your cupboards, under your bed or in the darkest recesses of your wardrobe, for instance, there are times when you have to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. This is what is happening on an energetic level with destroy and uncreate. It’s an energetic rolling up of the sleeves, hauling on the metaphorical Marigolds and getting stuck in. With the guidance of a certified facilitator you may get this deep clean done in record time.

You cannot destroy energy. You can transform it though, you can change your form just like water can change its form. Have you ever considered what an amazing substance water is? It’s no wonder that 70% of the planet is water. It’s also no wonder to me that 70% of our bodies are also water. Water has the fantastic ability to be a solid, a liquid and a gas. As a solid we call it ice, as a liquid, water and as a gas we call it steam. Such amazing transformation from a substance that we can take for granted.

If you could choose any form of transformation right now what might that be? Which area of your life would you choose to transform?

If you’re now ready to destroy and uncreate your limitations and live a transformed life as the being that you are truly meant to be I applaud you.

Truth, who are you? Are you ready to uncover the being that you truly be?

With ease and gratitude for all that you are choosing.

 Denise x

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