This month’s edition at a glance:

  • New – The Transformation Coaching Club #ttcc
  • Suicide Prevention Awareness – ‘You are not alone’
  • Access Bars® Sessions
  • Access Bars® Training 
  • The Foundation®
  • Bespoke Sessions
  • Red Tent, Chester

Hi there

Drum roll please … After much deliberation and cogitation my desire to bring you a membership has finally shown itself as ‘The Transformation Coaching Club’. 

The Transformation Coaching Club is created with you in mind if you are a woman over 40 and you know that somewhere you are not  reaching your full  potential, whatever that is and whatever that looks like for you.

For many years I have worked with women desiring change in their life, from health and wellness issues, career clarification, family and relationship and money and prosperity. Gaining peace of mind in some or all of these areas is what is asked for repeatedly. Women worry and often don’t speak up and actually ask for what they truly desire.

If you know that you are ready to invest in you, join me at the ground level and work your way up with me, gathering new tools and techniques and maybe, just maybe, discover confidence in you and your choices.  

Take a look at the new page on our website and find out more here.

September 10th is  ‘Suicide Prevention Awareness Day’ . ‘You Are Not Alone’.

For a long time now I have been so grateful for the tools of Access Consciousness and in particular Access Bars®. Around the world many Access Bars facilitators will be offering FREE sessions on this day.

This year I won’t be hosting an event (I’m off on holiday) on September 10th I will however be hosting a FREE taster day of Access Bars sessions in October, which is mental health awareness month.

 This is a link to find out more about this year’s involvement from Access Consciousness®and facilitators who are offering FREE sessions.

Access Bars® Sessions – Wednesday and Saturday mornings

The opportunity to gift yourself some ‘Me time’. 

Come, lay down, while I touch your head and you allow yourself to calm your mind and bring ease to your body. 

How does it get any better than this? 

Book your Access Bars® Session here.

Access Bars® Training – October 3rd and 31st

As I am on holiday in September I don’t have any training days available here.

However in October I am hosting two days of Access Bars® training. Yay!

Learning this modality can bring ease and calm to anybody, their household and their greater life.

Do this training with a friend and you will always have someone to swap a session of Bars® with.

You don’t have to be a therapist to choose this training. How does it get any easier than this?

Book your Access Bars® Training here.

Access Consciousness The Foundation®October 15th,16th,17th & 18th

Four days for you to explore the limitations that you know are stopping you in some way and as yet you haven’t found tools and techniques to set yourself free.

So much can change in four days including health and wellness, money and wealth, career and business, family and relationships, time limitations and so much more. 

“If you desire a different life, you have to show up in a different way.” These four days can bring you the awarenesses you desire to achieve this.

Book your Access Consciousness The Foundation® here.

** Pre-requisite – One day of Access Bars® Training **

Bespoke Sessions

These are organised with Denise at Deva Empowerment.

As they are bespoke an initial chat is recommended so that we can be sure that we are compatible in your search for change.

Sessions are charged individually or you may wish to purchase bundles of sessions.

Please check these out here.

Red Tent Chester – Tuesday 5th October, 7.30 – 9.00 pm

Ladies, this one is just for you.

This is an in person event where you are welcome to join us and shine a light on any thing you desire to express.  

There is no right or wrong here and no judgement. 

Come, join us and BE you in totality. 

Each gathering is just £10 per person, paying cash on the night. 

You may wish to join our Facebook group if you can’t make the in person meetings – 

We post daily and relish your feedback and comments on any topic. 

For more information, contact for details and securing your floor cushion, as places are limited if you wish to join us in person.

Wishing you much health and abundant wealth 

Denise. Chief Empowerment Officer at Deva Empowerment