Hello and welcome to this edition of Deva Empowerment Events. 

How are you adjusting to the change in the time? I know that having my Bars® run has really helped me with this transition. So if you are experiencing any difficulty, for example actually getting your eyes open in a morning, then might I suggest that you consider a session of lying down on my therapy couch while I touch your head and you connect with your calmness and ability to deal with situations in ways that you may never have considered were possible? 


At a glance :  

  • Access Bars® Sessions
  • Access Bars® Training 
  • The Foundation®
  • Bespoke Sessions
  • Red Tent, Chester


Access Bars® Sessions  

Hello all those of you who love your Access Bars® sessions and those of you who have yet to try this modality, that may just bring you and your body the ease and de-stress that you have been craving, there are some changes to the times that I am offering this. 

Unfortunately I am no longer able to offer Wednesday morning sessions. So what is on offer?

As well as the established Monday, 2pm till 8pm  and Saturday morning, 9am till midday Bars® clinics, I will be including some Tuesday and Friday mornings. They will all be plotted in the online diary for you to make your choices from.  

This is an  opportunity to gift yourself some ‘Me time’. 

Come, lay down, while I touch your head and you allow yourself to calm your mind and bring ease to your body.   

How does it get any better than this?  

Book your Access Bars® Sessions here


Access Bars® Training – November 21st 

The next Access Bars® training day here in Chester is Sunday, November 21st.

(In December it is December 12th). 

Learning this modality can bring so much ease to your life.

Do this training with a friend and you will always have someone to swap a session of Bars® with.

You don’t have to be a therapist to choose this training. How does it get any easier than this? 

Book your Access Bars® Training here


Access Consciousness The Foundation® – November 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th

Four days for you to explore the limitations that you know are stopping you in some way and as yet you haven’t found tools and techniques to set yourself free.

 This four day ‘anything goes’ in terms of what you bring to the four days is held at Deva Empowerment in the heart of Chester city.

 So much can change in four days including health and wellness, money and wealth, career and business, family and relationships, time limitations and so much more. 

“If you desire a different life, you have to show up in a different way.” 

These four days can bring you the awareness you desire to achieve this.

Book your ‘Access Consciousness, The Foundation®’ here.

** Pre-requisite – One day of Access Bars® Training **


Bespoke Sessions 

These are organised with Denise at Deva Empowerment.

As they are bespoke an initial chat is recommended so that we can be sure that we are compatible in your search for change.

Sessions are charged individually or you may wish to purchase bundles of sessions. 

Please check these out here.

Red Tent Chester – Tuesday 7th December 2021,  7.30 – 9.00 pm 

Ladies, this one is just for you. 

This is an in person event where you are welcome to join us and shine a light on anything you desire to express. There is no right or wrong here and no judgement.

Come, join us and BE you in totality. 

Each gathering is just £10 per person, paying cash on the night.  

You are very welcome to join us the first time with our compliments to check us and Red tent Chester out.  

You may wish to join our Facebook Group if you can’t make the in person meetings –  

We post daily and relish your feedback and comments on any topic. 

For more information, contact deniseoliver@devaempowerment.com for details and securing your floor cushion, as places are limited, if you wish to join us in person.

If you wish to sign up  to the newly created Red Tent Chester newsletter please follow this link.

Thank you for your presence with all of this. 

If you have any questions about any of the events then please contact Deva Empowerment via deniseoliver@devaempowerment.com. 

With joyous regards