Deva E came into being in 2016.

Since her birth she has grown and evolved alongside her clients and their needs and wishes.

Recently Deva E, energetically, conveyed to me that she was ready for another growth spurt. We spent some time digging deep and asking questions about what would be going with us into 2022 and what wasn’t.

For 2022 Deva E has honed her focus. She has shed some things as she embraces the space for others. There will be new products and offers alongside some of the regular and favourite treatments and facilitations still available.

What is Deva E’s focus for 2022?

“Deva Empowerment works with self-employed women who are hiding their money worries and embarrassment behind bright smiles and bravado, to rewrite their money story simply and effortlessly.  Leading to peace of mind and empowerment with money so that they grow their self-worth and their net-worth.”

Alongside this new focus is also new premises for Deva Empowerment.

It is with great excitement that from January 2022 we will be taking up residency at The Room, Chester Health Store, 59 Bridge Street Row, Chester CH1 1NW

You can find out more about The Room and Deva E’s availability by liking this Facebook page here.

And there’s more.  

From January Deva E. is offering a new free download, ‘What money would like you to know’. You can get yours here.

Also coming to Deva Empowerment is the ‘Richuals Club’. This is the club you will want to be a member of if you are ready to go from being a money worrier to a money warrior. More details to follow on this.

From all of us here at Deva Empowerment we would like to say how grateful we are to each and every one of you for choosing Deva Empowerment and we wish each of you wellness, kindness, ease and joy in your life for 2022. 

Here’s to embracing the new and each and every one of you (restrictions permitting).