Dear You.

How are you today?

Are you loving your life or are you dreading you life?

Dear You, is now the time? Is now the time for to you consider choosing beyond the you you have been so far? You have come this far Dear You, and I get that choice, change and creating you as more than you’ve ever been before may be a challenge.

Dear You, is now the time to turn up the energy of who you truly be?  Is now the time for you to show up in a way that you haven’t been willing to consider up until now?

Dear You, how are you dealing with the challenges that come at you from left field? I get it. More challenges maybe the last thing you think want right now. I say this though. You are stronger than you are willing to acknowledge and braver than you are willing to know. 

Dear You, I know you.

Dear You, What if everything you consider has been a wrongness about you is just you growing your strongness muscles? Everything you have ever berated yourself for, made your self wrong about has been waiting for you to recognise the beauty and strength that you truly be.

Dear You, I’m not here to have a cosy fire side chat with you, that wouldn’t be a kindness. The cosy approach right now wouldn’t benefit you. No. I am here to firmly with some degree of gentleness, kick your ass, and say to you that it is time to make the demand of you to be more of you, not less.

Dear You, I see you.

Dear You, I acknowledge you. 

Dear You, You are awesome, amazing, potent, magical and I am here to invite you to see this for yourself.  

Over to you. What will you choose? 

Would you like to know more about what I do and how it’s changed me? Would you like to know more about how the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness, when I chose to use them created greater in my world? 

Dear You. I am here with you. 

Sending you ease, joy, gratitude, glory and magic.

Denise x