Posted at the top of this blog is the link to an app which Dr Dain Heer has created called ‘Who Does This Belong To?”. This app is free and can be downloaded from the Access Consciousness website. It is compatible with both Apple and Android phones.
So what is this about? How many of you have similar thoughts going through your head day after day? How much does your mind chimp chatter to you? When I was experiencing chronic fatigue my chimp would run riot especially as I went to bed.
So my mind chimp running riot meant that I don’t sleep well and then I would be more fatigued then ever. Not recommended. Instead I recommend, ‘Who does this belong to?’
as a tool that allows you to clear your head, at the very least.
When I came across this tool it made so much sense that I willingly started using it. In Access Consciousness we talk about 98% of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgements, points of view don’t even belong to you. Can you imagine this? All that crap and yuck that swirls around in your body and your mind. Not yours. Imagine that. Not yours.
A long time ago you have bought something as yours from being a child when you had awarenesses and didn’t know that you did, as this isn’t spoken of.
As you’re growing up, and then in life in general, a similar energy comes up and you then
reinforce the original idea that this is yours. You havn’t been taught to question your thoughts, feelings and emotions and ask questions such as, “Is this mine?”
Who does this belong to?” is a way to get to the limitation that gets created by the ways of this reality. Dr Dain Heer says that using this tool, alongside getting his Bars® run, lifted him out of suicidal thoughts all those years ago. He also suggests that you practice this
tool for three days at a stretch for every thought, feelings and emotion, and other yuckiness that you are aware of. You can watch him via app talking about this.
The last time I was in the supermarket with very few people in it because of the Coronavirus distancing recommendations, OH MY! I was picking up on so many thoughts,
feelings, and emotions of panic and fear that without this tool, the way I was years ago in chronic fatigue, I would have had a full-blown panic attack thinking that all that stress and
anxiety was mine. Instead, I acknowledged that it wasn’t mine. That’s not who I be. I’m not
that person who absorbs other people’s stresses and anxieties anymore. I am so grateful
for knowing this.
On the other hand, my daughter, who had gone with me shopping, was doing the picking
up on folks anxieties and not asking who does this belong to? She felt pretty yucky when
she came out of the supermarket. Have you ever had an experience like this? One minute
you’re doing great and the next a metaphorical sledgehammer comes at you from left
field? Yeah, me too.
So my recommendation here is to get the app, check through it, set it up and then ask for every thought, feeling and emotion, “Is this mine?” and Who does this belong to?”