Once upon a time, I bought into the judgements that had been leveled at me by many well meaning, and some not so well meaning, people in my life. I aligned and agreed with so many of them and then the ones I didn’t align and agree with I would go into resistance and reaction, which often led to explosions of rage and anger.
How many judgements of you are you holding in place because you’ve aligned and greed with someone and now you think you have to hold onto them because you do, because you don’t have the tools to release them or know of any other way to release them?
One day I heard a talk about this very subject and it changed my perspective so dynamically about this that I just have to share this with you.
I will say now that I am going to be using the word… S-H-I-T. If this is too much for you then turn away now and ask yourself a question about this word e.g. What does the word shit mean to you? And then use the previous tool, Interesting point of view I have this point of view about the word, shit.
In the novel and the film of the same name ‘The Help’, one of the black maids is so incensed with her treatment by her white mistress she bakes her mistress a pie and in it she has baked some of her own shit. Her mistress enjoys the pie so much that she has two helpings of it. Euw! Delightful!
And yet we are served up piles of verbal poo by people every day who wish us to have at least two servings of it on a regular basis and to eat it all up. No questions asked. You will align and agree with me.
So aligning and agreeing is where we blindly follow or grudgingly follow in the ‘anything for a quiet life’ mode. If we, and politics springs to mind here, don’t align and agree with whatever the proposal is, the topic of conversation is, then what we are taught is, is that we have to resist and react and go into some form of competition, who can shout the loudest? How’s that working for you?
And then what else is possible? Well, then you can be the rock in the stream. This is where you see the shit pies coming towards you and you have the choice to be you. You watch as the pies go whizzing by in the air and in the water with no point of view. They don’t stick to you. You get to be more of you than ever before when you become aware of when this happening. whether this is from your nearest and dearest or from folks you see in the news, hear on the radio who are doing their best to convince you to side with them?
And what does the shit represent? It represents the places that people don’t know how to be interesting point of view and are doing judgement, competition and coming to conclusion.
And now what can you be, do and have different here that you’ve never considered before? Interesting point of view I have this point of view.