I have to say that this has been one of the hardest tools for me to get because I kept trying to understand it. And yet when I use it it is one of the most dynamic.
So, what is it?
Everything is just an Interesting Point of View is about getting to a space of knowing what is your reality and where you are choosing to buy into someone else’s reality whether you realise that you’re choosing this or not.
When you use this tool you can begin to ask, “OK. So what is my reality?”
Interesting point of view I have the point of view that my reality has to look a certain way.
Do you ever get to a point in the day when you are continually going into a frustration of some sort and there’s a sense that you can’t overcome this? For example, the current pandemic of Coronavirus. The government gives us a daily up date of what is happening and how they are best attempting to manage the situation based on information that they are receiving from across the globe.
Then we get the disseminated version via the different media sources and press releases. Then we have our friends and family who also have their point of view which may or may not be based on anything that has actually been said by the government in the first place. Everyone is suddenly an expert and their point of view is the most important one to them. In all of this you are there with your loyalties being tested and often, if it’s friends or family, expected to agree with them and you have no idea who you are in all of this? You end up with sensations of frustration, anger, fear or something else.
Interesting point of view can get you to a space of knowing you, what’s true for you and what really isn’t. This tool has assisted me in not getting swept up in the tide of other people’s reactions. I know what is true for me, most of the time, and I now invite you to choose based on what you know is going to work for you.
Get a sense of the emotion that you are experiencing, what ever the word is that you want to put to it, e.g. frustration, anger, fear, doubting you and now say – Interesting point of view I have this point of view. Interesting point of view I have this point of view. Now check in with the sensation and say this again. Repeat this process. Now how is it? Is it the same? Is it different? You may get the awareness that you really don’t want to have this sensation running you or your body. Ok, cool. Interesting point of view I have this point of view.
I’m incredibly pragmatic and I now take situations in my stride all the while asking questions and being aware of when someone else is attempting to drag me along into their point of view.
Do I have points of view. Yes I do. And now I claim, own and acknowledge them as mine at the same time as not expecting anyone else to align and agree with me.
It’s not about me having found my voice and then stuffing my points of view down someone else’s throat.
Instead, I will ask, “What is true for me here or what’s true for me in this situation?” and then Interesting point of view I have this point of view repeatedly until there is a lightness in my energy.
If you didn’t have a point of view what magic could you create with total ease, joy and glory?