Ask and you shall receive was one of the first things I was taught in Access. Along with learning the Access Bars® modality, asking questions is pivotal in the Access world. Ask and you shall receive is mentioned in the bible in the gospels. Google this and you will find theologians the world over giving their interpretation of it.

When I first heard that asking questions was something I was expected to do, I thought, “Easy”. I’m always asking questions, or so I thought.
I was asking questions. When I listened to the way in which I was asking questions I began to recognise that they came from a ‘why’ narrative and a negative format. For instance, ‘Why me?’ when I had Lyme’s disease. ‘Why can’t I get better?’, when the chronic fatigue that followed the Lyme’s disease crippled me.

We are taught to look for answers and solutions when we have asked a question. Not only do we have to find an answer we have to have the right answer. I now get how the answer leads to a conclusion, a judgement and an energetic solidity. If questions hadn’t been asked and awarenesses followed might we still be looking at the Earth as being flat?

The founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, recognised that when we ask a question it’s often for what will serve others, rather than what will work for us as individuals. For instance, asking for others to get well, asking for my kids to have everything they want in life. How often does it seem to you that you are told that you can
ask and you will receive and yet it’s wrong to ask for anything for you?
Gary Douglas got to a point in his life when he had had enough of that and started to ask,
“What would I like my life to look like?”. “What would I like my life to be like?”. Gary’s willingness to ask a different question and never claim to have the answer to anything began to unlock the walls of limitation that he had built. I also now acknowledge where this is happening for me.

Unlike many modalities, in Access a Q&A isn’t about question and answer. Instead, it’s
about questions and awareness. The topic of awareness is something I will come back to
on another day. We ask a question to gain awareness to get to a new space – a space of
possibility rather than a conclusion. A space of flexibility rather than solidity. Gary Douglas
says that if we are willing to be the question then we can open the doors to how all of life
can come to us with ease and joy and glory and magic and possibilities and more magic.
Ha-haaaa. I think you get my drift.

As well as asking the questions of the universe we also have to make the demand of us
to show up and take action. A question empowers. An answer always dis-empowers,
solidifies and contacts us. Are you ready to start living AS the question? Are you ready for
things to show up as if by magic? Are you ready to begin to develop your awareness?

Tomorrow I will chat with you about the one question that got me hooked on Access
Consciousness, where I heard it and what that question is.