First of all thank you. thank you for tuning in to these blogs. My one hope is that there has been something in them that has resonated with you and you are choosing greater for you.
If you could have anything as the energy of your future, what would it be? What else is possible? What else could you add to your life?
Right now I choose fun. So much fun. What is fun for you? If you get that anything that I have been talking about raises your fun-ometer by a smidge, then choose that. If I haven’t said or suggested anything that resonates with you in any way at all then that’s ok too. No right or wrong here.
I am often heard to say, that if it’s not fun for me then I’m not choosing it or doing it. And I would love this to be the case for you too.
Do things that are fun for you. Be the fun that you truly be.
What else could you add to your life that would be fun for you today?
What could you add to your life that would be so much fun that your sense of you grows and your resilience improves to such an extent that this leads you to get more done with total ease, joy and glory.
And where have you heard those words before? Yes. the Access mantra, ‘All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory’.® Are you saying this 10 times in a morning and 10 times in an evening?
What would it take for your life and living to be more fun, more rewarding and more phenomenal than you’ve never imagined possible?
What would it take to choose fun, magic and greater possibility like never before?
I wonder what it would be like for this to be more fun, rewarding and phenomenal than I never thought possible?
Creating a life is creating it from fun – from the joy of it!
I used to say to my kids as they walked out the door, leaving for school, “Have your best day ever.” I would say this to them everyday. Everyday, as I wished for them the best possible outcome for them. Not for me. Not being top of the class, to please me. Not lifting trophies, unless this is what they desired. This was before Access and I do wish that I’d had the Access tools way back then. Who knows what else may have been possible if I had?
Only when every day that you live is the greatest day of your life are you truly alive, otherwise all that you are doing the rest of the time is you’re dying. This was me in Lyme’s disease. I was so shackled to the wrongness of me and the judgements of me that I was for all intent and purpose very slowly dying.
Not any more. What else can I add to my life that will make my life more fun?
What if every moment of every day was filled with too many things to do, too many places to go, too many people to see, too much to offer, too much to create, too much, too much, too much, too much?
How many of you are having a fun, fabulous, abundant life? How many of you are having a not fun, not abundant, not joyful and not extraordinary life?
Non of this is about a rightness or a wrongness … ever. It’s about what’s actually possible. And … What if you let no one stop you? No one.
How much energy are you using to slow you down to the size, space, and speed of other people’s realities? What if , instead you chose to live from the sense of fun and possibility and magic that is actually you?
What energy, space, consciousness, choice and magic can you be to be the joyful impossible inspiration you truly be?
Thank you for joining me over the last 30 days.
I wonder what the merry month of May may bring?
How does it get any better than this lovely playmates?

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